Christina Hidek, Organizing Guru and Professional Organizer

Hi, I'm Christina Hidek!

I work with + create products for people who desperately want to be able to open cabinets without the fear of having to duck and cover.  

I show clients how to get exactly what they really want, which is to calm the chaos and clutter, either in their personal life or business.  Since 2011, I've been vanishing clutter in homes and offices for clients in the Greater Cleveland area.

I've always been an organized person and started early by always leaving playrooms more organized than I found them! Maybe that's what I was always in high demand for play dates with friends...

Anyhow, I didn't always dream of becoming an Organizing Guru or Professional Organizer...In fact, I have the most random educational and career background- or so it seems!  I have a law degree from Case Western Reserve University and a BA in Sociology from the University of Kentucky, making me an exuberant member of the Big Blue Nation!  

For 14 years, I practiced law, doing everything from mass toxic tort defense, to negotiating traffic offenses to consumer protection work (think: boring, stressful work!).  What this means for clients is that I adhere to a pretty strict confidentiality policy and that I'm a paper clutter cutting genius. 

I've been featured in local and national media for my organizing awesomeness too.  And in June 2017, I partnered with the Container Store as one of their Contained Home Organizers with they opened their store in Beachwood.

Check out what others have had to say about me.  Some of their comments make me blush.  It's a wonderful thing to not only like what you do, but also to be good at it too!

To get a true sense of my down to earth realness, all balanced with true organizational know-how genius,  subscribe to my YouTube Channel.  I've been told that my approachable and straightforward personality really shines through in the videos!  But I really think it just showcases my awkwardness.

Now that you know a little more about me, ready to partner up to ditch the clutter?  Give me a call at 216-586-4738 to get started! 



 Q&A with Christina:

Q.  Why does your work stand out from other professional organizers?

A. As far as I know, I'm one of only two professional organizers in the Cleveland area who was also trained as an attorney.  Because of my legal background, I'm a straightforward, detail oriented, problem solver with excellent communication skills.  I'm pretty tech savvy too!  I'm also honest (to a fault, some say), non-judgmental, effective & efficient.  

Plus, I can juggle.  I don't know of any other professional organizers who can do that!

Q. What do you like most about being a professional organizer?

A. I really like helping others to get unstuck, and in the process, discover more time and space and a more enjoyable life.  

I also like the flexibility this job gives me to spend time with my family and volunteer.  Helping people get organized is less about bins and baskets and more about having a clearly defined plan for the way you want to live and it's fun to help clients see this. 

Q. What questions do clients most commonly ask you?

A. I often hear "You must think I'm a horrible house keeper."  And the true answer is that I don't think that at all.  I have excellent organization skills.  You are probably a better baker or skier than I.  

People have different talents and strengths.  I excel at decision making, which is at the core of being organized.  And I also am good at getting people to work through issues to hep them reach their goals.  This is where my attorney skills come in handy.

Speaking of attorney skills, I am almost always asked why I stopped being an attorney.  Truth is, it's super hard to be an attorney and raise a family at the same time.  I know some Wonder Women who do it, and props to them, but it was not the lifestyle I wanted.  

Another common question I get is if red is my natural hair color.  Well, I'm not really asked this all the time, but I like to tell people whenever I have the chance that my hair color is 100% natural and not from a bottle.  

Q. What do you wish clients knew about you or professional organizers?

A. I wish clients would understand that I don't judge when I see the rooms and closets they normally keep hidden.  No one is always organized, even professional organizers!  

Also, not everyone is capable of teaching long lasting organizational methods.  My legal background has given me a unique skill set which make me a fantastic organizer.

Q. What advice do you have for a client looking to hire a provider like you?

A.  For sure, find an organizer that you have a good rapport with who is also non-judgmental and flexible.  This is a tall order!  

But super important because a good relationship will yield most excellent results!  

Also find someone that is funny- the process of getting organized can be hard and laughter really helps.  Side note: I stink at stand-up, but I try to find the lighter side of things.

Q. Describe the most common types of jobs you do for clients.

A. Finding pockets of space and time in homes and lives, unburying corners and counters as well as unstuffing closets.  I also help folks get unstuck, and give them the freedom to live their life uncontrolled by their things.  Helping people reimagine their spaces and realize their goals.  I'm really part organizer and part life-coach/therapist. 🙂

Q. Do you have a favorite organizing story?

A. My hardest job was the most financially rewarding for the client.  

I was working to clear the home of the client's recently deceased mother, who was a hoarder.  During the process, I found over $10,000 in cash, and nearly $100,000 in uncashed checks, in addition to valuable jewelry, stamps and coins stashed away in various places.  

It was a huge comfort to my client knowing that I was careful enough to look in unexpected places that the valuables might be stashed- including the almost $5,000 stashed in an air filter box! 

Q. In your "spare" time, what do you do?

A.  I love to garden!  I'm a huge fan of all things Martha Stewart (may she live forever!) and dig what P. Allen Smith does too.  I'm a recovering Pinterest addict and like to scrapbook + make cards. I also volunteer in my children's schools.


Your clutter doesn't stand a chance with us working together.  Call me at 216-586-4738 for a free 15 minute telephone consultation.  Tell me your organizing woes and we'll figure out if we're a good fit!