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Hi! I’m Christina Hidek, Organizing Guru and Decluttering Coach

I’ve been working with clients in and around Cleveland, Ohio as a Professional Organizer for more than a decade to clear their homes and lives of clutter and chaos.

As a former attorney, I’m all about structure, organization and creating custom systems that work for my clients based on their individual needs.

But what sets me apart from others is that my systems are realistically practical first, and stylish second.  No cookie cutter solutions.  I create systems based on my clients’ specific needs and wants.

Let me show you how to banish the frustrating disorganization from your life!

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Imagine an organized home and life...

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Work with Christina

The best way to get organized is by taking action.  But it can be hard to get motivated when you’re overwhelmed and don’t have support or accountability.  Working with Christina, Cleveland’s premier professional organizer, is the fastest way to overcome feeling stuck and get the organized life you crave.

Guided DIY Home Organizing

Say hello to your organized home and life when you use the strategies and next level advice inside Organize Me Now, our expertly designed self-paced organizing course.  The resources are just what you need to get organized and stay that way! 

Printable Organizing Resources

Want to organize just about every aspect of your life in an instant?  You’ll love these beautifully designed printable organization solutions, including planners, labels and tags.  From organizing a home renovation to printable labels for organizing toys and closets, there’s a solution for every space and every need!

Gather up your children's toys, stow them in a bin, then attach these cute printable toy organizing labels for the most organized toy room ever!

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