10 Awesome No Clutter Gifts

Christmas is about 2 weeks away and I’m busy finishing up gift shopping.  I’m always on the lookout for gifts that won’t turn into clutter and I thought you might enjoy knowing about them too!  Here are some fantastic gifts and stocking stuffers that won’t turn into clutter.  Plus most are less than $15 to boot!  That’s pretty amazing for no clutter gifts!


This stuff is a miracle in a little packet!  It’s a mouldable glue that air dries and can be used on so many things.  Awesome stuff!  I like to use it for quick repairs for phone and electronics charging cords.  Great for Men, Women and Teens!

Goodbye Detergent Spaghettii Scrub

This all natural scrubber makes doing the dishes so much easier!  No need to use a separate abrasive scrub with this awesome cleaning tool and it makes cleaning up so quick.  I love these so much I have both the coarse and the fine scrubbers.  Great for anyone who cleans dishes!

Nite Ize Curvyman Earbud Organizer

Oh how I hate to deal with tangled ear bud cords.  With this little guy, I have no worries about that!  I wrap by ear buds around this little dude and keep them stowed in my purse to listen to music on the go.  Great for Men, Women, Teens and Kids!

Umbra bunny ring holder

Umbra Bunny Ring Holder

Everybody has some-bunny that would absolutely love this little guy!  What I love about this bunny is that it doubles as art when not holding your rings.  Great for anyone who wears rings!

umbra-scarf-organizer Umbra Scarf Organizer

What an artful way to organize scarves!  Fantastic for all scarf lovers and those who like to incorporate higher design into their organizing accessories!

Pelikus Felt Purse Organizer

This purse organizer has beautiful lines and a wonderful design.  It’s  a great gift for anyone who needs to add organization to their purse or bag!

society6 otter skippered pouch

Society 6 Otter Pouch

How cute is this otter pouch?  And it adds organization to any bag its in!  Perfect for otter lovers of all ages!

OXO Clip / Magnet Set

How'd you like to get the organized life you've always wanted with an easy task served up to you every day? Sounds dreamy, right? Just follow along with this 365 Organizing Calendar for just that. A daily task for an organized life.

Give the Gift of Organization

Why not give the gift of organization with a printable daily calendar designed to get anyone more organized with simple daily tasks: 365 Days to an Organized Life.

It’s like having a professional organizer in your home each day to guide you.  How awesome is that?

Hope this round up gives you ideas for great no clutter gifts for all of your gifting needs for either Christmas or anytime!

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