3 Reasons Why You Can’t Get Organized

3 reasons why you can't get organized


Struggling to get organized?  Here are three reasons why you can’t get organized and what to do about them:

You’re not doing anything

A common problem for people is that they know what to do when it comes to getting organized, but when it comes to putting their knowledge into action, that’s where the disconnect is.  The wheels totally fall off the bus and they go no where.

This happens with so many things other than getting organized, like losing weight (um, I’ll raise my hand here as being guilty with this one).  And other things that people feel they should be doing, but end up not doing for whatever reason.

And what to do about that?  Well, some people choose to keep on keeping on, searching for more and more information to grow their knowledge base, hoping they’ll find the magic solution.  Some people call a professional in to help.  And some people just start to take action on their own.

These last two groups of people are the winner, winner chicken dinners!  They’ll find success with their organizing goals, unlike the first group of wishers and hopers.   Cause they’re taking action and starting to move forward with their issue by doing something.  Be a winner.  Take action today.


You’re not finishing what you start

I recently was working with a client, let’s call her Kara.  Kara had let a bunch of papers, books and magazine clutter up her home.  She’s been embarrassed to have people over to her home for years, so image that incredible level of paper stuffs that we’re dealing with.

On this occasion, we were working to clear her dining room table which had not been clear for about 3 years.  (She didn’t remember the date, but the dates on the mail and receipts!)  As we were finishing up our session, I encouraged her to not stop until we had entirely cleared off and dealt with every last piece of paper on the table.

With a few pieces of paper left, she was kinda done. I could tell I was pushing her big time, but I know this is a common issue for my clients- they don’t finish things up.  They get 90% of the way there and then leave the rest to finishing up another day.  But that day never ever comes!

Then the whole process is repeated weeks or months later with no forward progress ever being made- the same space is just organized again and again like a cruel re-enactment of Groundhog Day.

If you’re guilty of this (time to put your big girl panties on and admit this), it’s time to not leave the ends to be tied up another day.  If you start organizing a drawer, finish it!  Give yourself enough time.  Force yourself to just do it.

Oh and pitching everything that’s left is totally an ok strategy!


You’re sabotaging yourself

Everyone who starts organizing something does it with the best of intentions.  They want to be less stressed, and they’re tired of dealing with a space that doesn’t work or is too cramped with stuff.  But it may be that in your attempts to get organized, you’re actually doing more harm than good.

I know you’ve seen those shows that show a crazy transformation in only 30 minutes.  But that’s tv land.  Transformations on the scale that the tv shows reveal don’t happen in real life like that at all.

It would take months for you (working alone, that is) to make such a huge transformation.  But because you’ve seen it on tv and have seen the relief and joy of the homeowners, you want a little piece of that feeling for yourself.  Like now!

So you embark on a crazy goal:  I’m going to organize this entire room.  Today!  And you proceed to rip into a huge organizing project like a hungry mama bear.  But then an hour or two later, you realize how much hard work it is and get overwhelmed and frustrated.

What’s happening is that you’re completely sabotaging yourself by taking on too much all at once.  The smartest way to make a lasting change in your space that won’t leave you overwhelmed or frustrated is to start small.  Clear out and organize a drawer.  Or a small cabinet.  Then move on to another small space in the same room.  Continue until the entire room has been worked on and finished.

So there you have it.  Three reasons why you can’t get organized.  Plus some solid advice and exactly what to do!  Ready to have an accountability partner?  Join the Organizing Oasis!

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