4 Day Organizing Jumpstart Day 2

Hello! Ready for Day 2? Let’s dive right on into today’s task:

De-cluttering your cell phone


I know what you might be thinking- clutter on my cell phone?  That’s weird cause I can’t put anything in it.  But it’s not as weird as it sounds because chances are you’ve been swiping past this clutter for a while.  You probably didn’t even notice that there even was clutter on your phone.  Let’s flush it out together.

Step 1

First, if you haven’t already, grab your cell phone in your hot little hands.

Then navigate to your home screen and start looking at the apps.

What apps do you no longer use? You’ve spotted the clutter!  Delete ‘em.

Which apps did you download but haven’t yet used? Now’s the time to open them up and see if it’s what you expected. Delete any that won’t be useful.  Un-useful apps are… wait for it… nothing but clutter!

Phew, this is perhaps some of the easiest clutter to deal with.  Delete it and be done.

Step 2

Now that we’ve de-cluttered your apps, it’s time to organize them. But how?

Did you know you can create folders for the apps?

I use several folders to put similar apps together. Here’s a screenshot of my phone and you can see exactly how I name my folders using common sense and plain language names. Nothing fancy here.



I’m a much better organizer than a comedienne, so that’s why I stick to plain language for file and folder names. It’s just easier for me. But you have more sass than me, so have at it with a clever name for your folders.  Just don’t be so clever that you outsmart yourself and forget what’s in the folder!

With folders, scrolling through page after page of apps is eliminated. Makes it easy peasy to find stuff.

Now, arrange the folders on your screen how you like them. They don’t have to be arranged alphabetically, but if that floats your boat, go for it.

As you can see, mine are all randomly placed. But I’ve used this “random” placement for years, so my fingers know where to go to launch the Pinterest App- it’s dead center because I like to use that app so much. For lesser used categories of apps, I put them on the top and periphery. Play around with the placement for a while and find something that you’re comfortable with.

Ta da!

And there you have it. Two days down and two to go. Today was a short and sweet task. Tomorrow is a bit more involved, so get ready!

Until tomorrow,