4 Day Organizing Jumpstart Day 3

You’re back for Day 3.  Awesome! Let’s get going.

So far in this course we’ve organized your purse and phone.  But now we’re deviating from the P theme and veering off in another direction (unless you own a Prius, then the theme will continue for you) because today, we’re cleaning out your car!

A Prius!

A Prius!

Now, I know that your car may be a hot mess.  And that’s exactly why you have to do it.  If your car isn’t so bad, take this time to spruce it up a bit.

Put on some beats

First, put on some music to help with today’s to make it  a little more fun.  Anything with a good beat will do.


Dig in

Next, clean out the front of your car: the side pockets, the glove compartment, the center console.  Get rid of anything you don’t need in your car

Repeat the process as you clean out the back seat of your car and underneath the seats.

Now, wipe down the interior of the car to remove dust and debris.

Last, pop the trunk and clean out that area too.  Just like with your purse, keep what you need and will use, and not what you think you *might* need maybe someday.  But, just like the band-aid exception for your purse, it’s a good idea to keep an emergency kit in your trunk.

If you really want to go above and beyond, you can vacuum out your car too.  What a difference all of these steps with make every time you get in your car!

And that’s it for this challenge!

Phew, this is no minor task, so kudos to you for completing today’s challenge!  Tomorrow’s challenge isn’t as involved, so you’ll be able to take a breather.  🙂
Until tomorrow,