4 Day Organizing Jumpstart Day 4


Now we’re wrapping up and rounding third towards home base with the final challenge today.  I hope you feel pretty good.  I know I always do when I spend a little bit of time re-organizing the three things you’ve tackled so far.

When I work this next area, I find it to be really motivating to help me feel like tackling even more.  The last challenge is focused on an often cluttered area: the bathroom counter.


So head on into the bathroom in your home you use most.  Clear off everything on the counter.  I mean everything.  Don’t just throw it all into a box, but take a bit of time to sort the items into Keep and Toss piles.

Things you like and use go into the Keep pile.  Items you don’t like or didn’t perform as you expected go into the Toss pile.

Now that the counter is clear, grab and clear off the counter.  Grab your fav cleaner and wipe the counter down.  Make it nice and shiny.   Clean surfaces are so pretty!

Next, start to put items back onto the counter, but as you do, think about whether the item needs to be stored on the counter.  Is there someplace else it could be stored?  Do you use it often enough for it to take up space on the counter?  Return to the counter only the essential items.

So that’s it for the challenges!  I bet you feel proud and accomplished!  I’m proud of you for making it through these not so fluffy tasks and starting to make small changes that will lead to larger changes in your life!  Yay!

I have one more thing to ask you to do, but it can wait until tomorrow.  Look for an email from me then.

Christina Hidek