4 Day Organizing Jumpstart Day 1

Welcome to Day 1!

In the next 4 days, you’ll de-clutter and organize four hot spots that are absolutely key to getting your life organized (and personally these four spots drive me batty). Each day, you’ll learn techniques essential for an organized life. And I’ll walk you through the process step-by-step!

In case we haven’t met, I’m Christina Hidek, Organizing Guru & De-Cluttering Coach. I work with and create products for people who desperately want to be organized. I show them how to get exactly what they want, which is to calm the chaos and clutter, either in their personal lives or for their businesses. But enough about me, already...

Ready to start getting organized already? Let’s get going!

In my house and car, I’ve realized that there are a few different hot spots that signal when I’m in need of a organizational fix up. When life has gotten a little too crazy and I’ve lost my handle on things a bit, these four areas seem to get less in order than I’d like (ok, they go totally to pot).  Time to address one of these hotspots:


Today's Mission

First up, grab your purse. We’re cleaning it out today! That’s probably the first time someone has ever been so exuberant about something purse related other than shopping for a new one, am I right?

But I love a de-cluttered and de-junked purse. It helps me stay sane. Purses tend to become a temporary a catchall space, especially when out and about with kids. Little hands stick the most random things in there. Now’s your chance to get it all out and reclaim your purse for the perfect little slice of organizing heaven it could and should be!

The Process

Dump out your purse. Pull everything out onto a flat surface so you can see what you’ve got. Shake out your purse to loosen the kid snack crumbs or wrapper bits.

Now, snag your wallet clean it out. Keep only the essentials. Remove unnecessary receipts, loyalty cards, spent gift cards or expired credit cards.

Now it’s time to start putting things back in.

But wait! Don’t just put everything back in. Put only what you need back in to your bag, not what you *think* you’ll need. If you haven’t used it in the last six months, it doesn’t belong in your purse, unless you’re talking about a few band-aids.

When putting things back in, consider using a mini bag or two if you aren’t already. They’re the purse’s best friend! Items are easier to find when corralled in a smaller, zippered bag. I have one that holds mints, gum, a hair band, band-aids, hand sanitizer, lipstick and the like. This way I’m not fishing for any of these small items in the deep recesses of my purse.

Once your purse is fully loaded, get rid of what didn't make the cut to live in your purse. Pitch the trash, recycle unneeded receipts, and put toys back in the toy bin. Complete this challenge by cleaning it all up and leave nothing out.

Last step for this challenge

Celebrate your cleaned out and organized purse!

Tomorrow, we’re tackling more clutter, only it’ll be the digital kind. Ponder what that could be overnight and I’ll see you again for tomorrow! That’s a lame teaser, I know…

Until tomorrow,