6 Easy Ways to End Clutter

Six easy ways to get rid of clutter and finally get organized!


One strategy that should be employed in any organizing quest is to stop potential clutter from coming in.  Clutter robs us of time, energy, and space – both physically and mentally.  It adds stress and is a time waster.  But since you are reading this, you probably already know all of this, right?


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Here are some easy and low-cost (and low time cost too) ways of stopping some of the clutter before even crosses your threshold:

1.  Register all of the phone numbers for your household at Donotcall.gov.  Make sure to include all landline and mobile numbers.

2.  Contact the Direct Marketing Association.  Register online or send a letter with names of all mail recipients at your home.  Include misspellings of a name, residents, or mail recipients who have never lived there, but still manage to get mail at your home.  We used to get mail for my father-in-law, who has never lived with us, but did once send us a gift.  That one gift got his name on a mailing list and we received mail for him from all sorts of different companies for years.

3.  Use the Paper Karma app.  This handy tool removes some of the hassle of getting your name off of mailing lists.  You snap a picture of the mail and the app does the rest.  It’s a free app!

4.  Cancel unwanted catalogs at catalogchoice.org.  Create a free account and unsubscribe from catalogs and phone books that you are no longer interested in receiving.

5.  Use unroll.me to stop getting unwanted email.

6.  Enroll in online bill payment to eliminate paper bills.  This may seem like a small step, but it really does help to cut down on incoming mail and removes having to deal with the paper after you’ve paid the bill.

These are all pretty small steps, but cumulatively add up to saving you lots of time and space and can greatly help you end the stream of clutter coming into your space.  Make sure to watch Being Your Own Gatekeeper, part of my video organizing series to learn more clutter busting tips.

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