Always late? Here’s how to start being on time.

How to start being on time and other time management secrets that you gotta know!


Are you always late?  Tired of it and want to change?  This post is for you because I’m digging in and laying out specific strategies to help you start being on time!  I’ll show you exactly how to break your cycle of lateness.  Read on, my friend!

I’ve found that with professional women, who are educated and smart (that’s you there, babe!), there’s a tendency to think that they can do it all.  I like to call this Super Woman Syndrome.  And this type of thinking leads to Super Women trying to do more than time can really allow for, causing lateness.  Truth is, you probably can do it all, but not all at once!  Sorry to be the pin in your balloon, but it’s true.

Here’s the deal, managing multiple different obligations and commitments requires not only good decision making, but also not habitually underestimating how long tasks will take.

My strategies for busting the lateness cycle are:


Strategy Number 1: Track your Time

Start keeping track of your time.  You gotta know where you’re spending your time.  And what’s even more important, make sure to look at how long tasks actually took to complete versus how long you thought it would take.

Maybe even write this info down in a simple chart entitled: Super Woman Time versus Reality Time.  Once you see the time difference, make an adjustment where needed to allow for enough time to complete the task in Reality Time.  Then you’ll be able to accurately schedule out your day.

Need an awesome planner?  This calendar bundle is available in my Etsy Shop and is a fantastic collection of all of the calendars you’ll need to organize your time and life.


Strategy Number 2: Be honest (for reals)

Be honest with yourself about why you are late.

Is is time under estimation?

Lack of preparation?

Another reason?

Once you have identified a reason for why you are late, you’ll see the answer for how to change.

For example, if you’re late getting out the door in the morning because you’re rushing around, get as much done the night before as possible – clothes, accessories, hairstyle and breakfast options chosen, and laid out.

If you can’t see the answer, then maybe you aren’t really being honest with yourself about the reasons for your lateness.  You have to get real to realize any change at all.


Strategy Number 3: Set your own deadline

Aim to not just be on time, but to be early with all deadlines.  Crazy concept, I know because you have such a deal with being on time for things.

But this way, even if you blow your own early deadline, you’ll meet the true deadline.  Ahhhh.  Just think of what that will feel like:  To not be late anymore.  Bliss, right?


Over to you!

Have another tested tried-and-true method?  Share it below!

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