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Back to School Routines: Calming the Craziness

Having trouble getting in the back to school routine swing of things?  

This post will help immensely!

The new school year brings much excitement but also an ambitious schedule filled with new expectations and obligations.

The back to school season is just so darn hectic!  

There are new schedules to learn, new activities and teachers to figure out, and new classmates to arrange playdates with.

Even a month in, I feel like while some of the newness has worn off, other issues are now starting to pop up.  

Here’s what I’m doing these days to try to calm the crazy of this season just a little bit, and it’s so stinking simple that it’s genius: prepping the night before.  

And the rest of this post if devoted to detailing exactly what back to school routines to implement to get a handle on things! 

A Simple Back to School Routine

The best back to school routines involve a simple and relatable plan.

Kids thrive with structure and knowing what comes next.

This plan achieves both of those goals.

Plan out Breakfast

Figure out what you’re going to have for breakfast.  

Especially if you’re not a morning person, a hungry or unsatisfied non-morning person is no fun to be around!  

Same for kids.  

Figure it out in advance or at least narrow the choices so they can make a quick decision.

Need help planning?

Check out this printable Meal Planning Bundle!

It has great guidance on how to pull together a set of repeatable meal plans that’ll leave morning times smoother!

Delegate lunch making prep

Next, get your kids involved in helping out with the prep work of lunch making.  

They empty their lunch boxes, knock out any crumbs, and get all of the non-perishables like juice boxes, applesauce pouches, etc., back into the lunchbox when they get home for school.

Any school age child should be able to handle this task without trouble.

Also decide at this point what they are having for lunch the next day so they won’t be disappointed if something isn’t available.  

I like to use this Lunch Planning Kit to make things go even easier.

It’s available a part of the Meal Planning Bundle.

The Lunch Planning Kit gives kids have some ideas to go off of.

And you won’t get the dreaded “I don’t know” from them when you ask what they want for lunch.

Also, instead of planning lunch one day at a time, the Lunch Planning Kit has a weekly planning page to get a big plan for the week!

Pre-load backpacks

The next task to take care of each night before school is having the kids pre-loading their backpacks with all homework, supplies, snacks and water bottles.  

This also cuts down on last minute running around in the morning and helps you stay on schedule and on time each day.  

Review and sign

Look over homework, sign forms and write notes to the teacher the night before too.  

The mornings are so rushed, so there’s just no time to waste in the morning.

Choose outfits

Before they go to bed, have your child pick out what they’ll be wearing the next day.  

This helps avoid the morning outfit battle with a bit of pre-planning!

Keep kids clothing neat + organized

Kids love system and order, even if their room is a pit.

These printable clothes organizing labels help bring order to clothes and make it easier for kids to find what they need without rifling through everything!

Over to you…

And now you have a back to school routine that lessens some fo the craziness!

Essentially, aim to get as much done the night before as possible in order to make the mornings run smoothly.

More recommended reading

 I also have another post on this back to school organizing tips.

So make sure to check it out if you’re looking for additional organizing and time managment ideas.  

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