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Beach Towel Storage Ideas: Organizing Your Summer Essentials

As the warmer months roll in, beach and pool visits become a regular agenda item.

Amid the sunbathing and waves, beach towels often find themselves in a messy pile at home and storing pool towels so they’re at the ready is an issue too.

Organizing these Summer essentials not only declutters your space but also makes your pool beach outings more enjoyable to boot.

Here are some creative and practical beach towel storage ideas to keep them tidy and ready for your next water outing.

Wall-Mounted Racks

A wall-mounted towel rack in your bathroom or hallway is a stylish and a space-saving way to store wet towels as they dry and prevent unpleasant odors.

Plus, it’s a class towel storage idea that works universally for a variety of sizes of towels.

Star Splash Beach Towel Holder – Outdoor Towel Rack with 10 Hooks, Beach Theme Decor Rust Proof Towel Drying Rack, Drying Towel Rack Outdoor, Beach Room Decor & Beach Bathroom Decor Towel Rack

Opt for racks with multiple bars or hooks to hang towels, allowing air circulation for them to dry efficiently and prevent them from getting mildewy.

You can choose from wooden, metal, or bamboo towel hooks to match your home decor.

This solution not only organizes your towels but also turns them into a part of your home’s aesthetic.

Hang the pool towel hook in your laundry room, outdoor in a protected area near the pool area or near your back door for a grab and go towel display.

The towel rack also makes the perfect place to hang up swimsuit coverups for quick drying.

Wallniture Wrought Iron Metal Towel Rack - Solid Quality Wall Mountable for Bathroom Storage - Large Enough to Fit Rolled Bath Beach Towels Black Set of 2

This wall mounted beach towel holder is very similar to a wine rack, but is designed to hold rolled-up oversized towels, which a repurposed wine rack probably can’t accommodate.

Sometimes it’s better to go with an organizing solution specifically designed for a purpose rather than try to make something do what it never was designed for.

As a Professional Organizer, I see this creativity quite frequently in clients’ homes, to varying degrees of success.

Over-the-Door Hangers

iDesign Over the Door Towel Rack, The York Collection, 1.5” x 7” x 22.8”, Brushed Nickel

For those with limited space or a small bathroom, stainless steel or nickel over-the-door hangers are a perfect fit and allow wet beach and bath towels to dry out.

These hangers can hold multiple towels and can be placed on the back of any door, making them easily accessible.

It’s an ideal option for small apartments or homes without dedicated laundry or storage areas.

Liberty BBF430Z-SN-U Single Over-the-Door Hook, Satin Nickel

If you’re just looking to store a few extra towels or bath sheets in a poolside bathroom, then a simple over the door hook may be an elegant solution.

Storage Bins and Baskets

Clastyle Beach Towel Blanket Vacation Basket Large Rectangle Sun Sea Tropical Theme Shelf Basket Blue Coconut Trees Clothes Toys Pool Storage Bin

Large non-woven baskets and bins can serve as a catch-all for beach towels stored in the bathroom.

This handled, open-top bin can easily slide in an out of the bottom section of a linen closet or bathroom storage cabinet.

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For off-season storage, look for a zippered tote with a see through panel so you can see inside without opening it first.Or neatly stack the towels on a high and labeled linen closet shelf.

Speaking of labels, I have two different variations of linen closet labels available to organize your entire space!

One set of printable tags with fancy script and no pictures:

And one for alf printable labels with pictures, perfect for non-readers in your household:

Outdoor Storage Bench

YITAHOME Patio Storage Bench Wicker 70 Gallon Deck Box Bench with Seating for Outdoor Cushions, Pool Storage and Garden Tools - Brown

An outdoor storage bench is a dual-purpose solution for those who frequently entertain outdoors or have a pool.

These benches provide ample space to store beach towels and double as seating.

Choose a waterproof and durable bench to withstand the weather and elements, plus keep your towels dry and clean until they’re next needed.

Storage Box

Devoko 100 Gallon Waterproof Large Resin Deck Box Indoor Outdoor Lockable Storage Container for Patio Furniture Cushions, Toys and Garden Tools (100 Gallon, Black)

If you don’t need extra seating use an outdoor deck box designed to withstand weather conditions to store dry towels for your next pool party.

Suncast BMC3000 Cabinet-Resin Construction for Wall Mounted Garage Storage, 30.25" Organizer, Silver/Platinum

A wall mounted storage cabinet is another great option for dedicated outdoor area storage of hot tub, pool and beach towels.

This Rubbermaid plastic cabinet has a generous amount of space to store a lot of towels and pools toys too and is a fantastic way to create extra storage space for small houses that lack interior storage.

Hanging the cabinet on the wall also frees up floor space, leaving room for a storage cabinet or other outdoor furniture bench to live underneath it.

Under-Bed Storage

For seasonal storage, under-bed storage containers are an excellent choice.

This storage option keeps your beach towels dust-free and out of sight during the off-season.

20 Pack Vacuum Storage Bags, Space Saver Bags (4 Jumbo/4 Large/4 Medium/4 Small/4 Roll) Compression for Comforters and Blankets, Sealer Clothes Storage, Hand Pump Included

Vacuum-sealed bags can also compress the towels, saving valuable space when they’re not needed.

Closet Hanging Shelves

HMA Pro Hanging Closet Organizer and Storage (Heavy Duty) 5 Shelves Collapsible Hanging Closet Shelves Hanging Organizer for Closet, Camper and RV, Strong MDF Material on All Shelves.

Maximize your closet space by adding hanging shelves designed for sweaters or shoes, and repurpose them for beach towel storage and other essential items used at the beach like sunscreen, a beach themed water bottle, swim goggles and the like.

Be sure to invest in a heavy duty set of hanging shelves so that it holds up better to wear and tear better than lesser quality version.

You’ll love having the beach towels folded neatly and in one place, making it easy to grab one before heading out for some pool or beach fun.

Poolside Storage

Little Hippo Baskets XXXL Large Cotton Rope Basket 22"x22"x14" Storage Woven Blanket Organizer for Living Room Organizing, Baby Gift, Kids Toy Storage

If you have covered area near your pool, you can keep your collection of beach towels handy by rolling them up and storing them in a woven basket closet to the pool deck.

Rolling the towels not only looks pretty but allows you to store clean towels in a woven or wire basket of a more compact size.

O2COOL Pool & Spa Valet™, Adjustable Pool & Patio Towel Holder, Towel Holder, Towel Bar, Poolside Table, Poolside Towel Holder, Weighted Base Outdoor Towel Holder, O2COOL, Pool Valet, Bronze

This pool towel stand has clips to keep the towels in place as they dry.

You can also keep the towels on the stand in a corner near the pool.

Having one place for drying and storing the beach towels cuts out a step and simplifies towel storage.

Kayfia 40" H Free Standing Towel Rack, 3 Tier Alloy Steel Stand with Basket, Blanket Drying and Display Rack for Oversized Bath Towels Bathroom Accessories, Next to Tub or Shower (Black)

This freestanding towel rack accommodates wide towels and has a nice basket at the bottom for smaller pool supplies like goggles and nose clips.

Ready to Go Beach Bag

SCOUT Original Deano - Extra Large Utility Tote Bags For Women - Open Top Beach Bag, Pool Bag, Work Bag, Shopping Bag

If you live in a beach town and head to the sandy shore often, it may be smartest to keep the beach towels in your beach bag and tuck the entire thing into your mud room or foyer closet.

This way, you don’t have to dedicate any linen closet or bathroom cabinet space for the towels and you’ll always be ready to hit the beach.

SCOUT Errand Boy - Extra Large Lightweight Utility Tote with Breakaway Zipper - Collapsible Grocery and Market or Beach Tote

This zippered beach bag from Scout is a great tote option with tight seams to prevent from towels inside the bag from getting contaminated with sand.

Over to you!

Organizing beach towels is an easy home organizing project that can really level up your everyday enjoyment of your home.

Investing a little bit of time to get these oversized towels organized will make your trips to the pool and beach more pleasant since you won’t be hunting them down and will know exactly where they’re stored!

With these beach towel storage ideas, you can keep your towels tidy, dry, and ready for your next beach day.

Whether you prefer wall-mounted solutions, decorative baskets and any of the other ideas share din this post, there’s an option to suit every home and lifestyle.

By integrating these storage solutions, you can enjoy a clutter-free space and focus on the fun and relaxation that come with Summery beach outings.

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