How to Beautifully Organize Every Inch of Your Closet

For the most organized closet, the answer lies not only in the right hanger choice, but also using the space in the most optimized way so all of your stuff will actually fit!

Most clothings closets are sparsely outfitted with structure, most with a single bar for having clothes and maybe a shelf.

If a custom closet system is out of your budget, there are lots of other ways to add more function and order to every inch of your closet.

Here are just a few ideas to get you thinking about how to reimagine a more organized closet!

Optimize Hanging Space

The hanging clothes section of the closet is a space that could benefit from some tweaking.

Choose the right hangers

This might seems like took small of a detail to be concerned about, but the right hanger goes a long way to making your closet look and feel more organized!

Just having all clothing hanging the same way can make your closet more visually cohesive.

A recent popular hanger choice are the slim flocked type.

With them, companies trumpet being able to fit in twice as many clothes into your closet, but more clothing in your closet isn’t always better.

Sometimes that make things worse!

And so many of them are flimsy or don’t offer pivoting heads, so you’ll forever have to remember which way to hang items so they’re facing the same way. Ugh. Annoying!

Instead, opt for sturdy wooden hangers like these.

These wooden hangers have both a bar for hanging delicate sweaters or pants as well as divots for skinny straps to ensure the clothing doesn’t slip off of the hanger.

Double the Space

If you have a lot of shorter hanging items, you can easily double the space for hanging clothes using an extended clothes hanging rod.

This version is nice since you can adjust the level of the rod, and not fixed at a single height.

Make Room for Accessories

Don’t forget to make space for accessories in the closet.

Hang up all belts in one place using these handy belt hangers.

These open ended hooks make slipping the belts on and off pretty simple.

I’ve used a version of this belt organizer for years and it’s very durable and the belts condense into a small amount of room.

Thinner scarves will fit nicely on this organizer.

Store thicker scarves in a straw or rolled up in a bin so they don’t overwhelm the closet space.

Adding this tie or scarf rack to back of the closet door is a smart way to use all of the available storage space!

For handbags and purses, the keep to keeping them in good shape and ready to carry is arranging them in your closet so they can be easily seen.

Hanging purses and handbags makes a lot of sense for the bags you carry most often.

These specially shaped purse hangers make that possible.

For the rest of your smaller handbags and wallets, line them up on a shelf with this organizer.

Things that can be seen are generally used more since out of sight is generally out of mind.

This clear wallet and clutch organizer has a more streamlined look that looks rather high end without the expensive price tag.

For larger totes and handbags, this hanging purse organizer will accommodate up to 10 bags.

For smaller closets, this angled storage bin can fit a bunch of tote bags and purses, making a smart addition to closets.

Optimize Shelf Space

Truly optimizing any space involves making full use of the available space, both horizontal and vertical.

Most closets have limited horizontal space, but rarely is all of the vertical space fully used.

You can easily change that by adding some shelves as well as shelf dividers that add support for items on the shelf.

Add the dividers and say goodbye for stacks of sweaters that fall all over the place and hello to a space that stays organized and neat!

Dedicate Space for Seasonal Storage

One key to keeping a closet organized is to get items you’re not using during the current season out of your way.

Popping them up where they’re not mixed in with the items you’re using on a daily basis is a smart way to go.

Here are a few good options:

These open top baskets have a more than a few really great features.

For one, the straight sides means no space will get lost in between the bins on a shelf.

The handle makes it easy to reach and pull the basket down, perfect for keeping seasonal items up and out of the way when they’re not needed.

And when you don’t need to store items in the baskets, they easily fold down to save space.

If you prefer to have closed top storage for more infrequently used items, these zip top totes are a fantastic choice.

Between the handles and the view panel, they’re both easy to handle and hard to forget what’s stored inside.

Add function from the bottom up

Don’t neglect the bottom of your closet when adding in some structure to keep things organized.

Make Things Easier to Reach

You can only stack things so high, so why not add some bins into the bottom of your closet?

Adding these stackable bins is a great way to make use of the space beneath shorter hanging items in an area that’s otherwise often hard to reach.

Seasonal items, extra purses and totes and accessories like scarves are great things to store in this area of your closet.

Optimized Footwear Storage

This Closetmaid shoe cubby is perfect for storing a bunch of footwear in a semi-small space.

You can stack them next to and on top of each other for a wall of shoes and gain a continuous shelf.

Drop front shoe storage boxes are a great choice to keep shoes free of dust and they even have a version for sneakers too!

Add Drawers for Extra Storage

Larger closets without a ton of hanging clothes may accommodate a nice big set of drawers.

This set of drawers from mDesign would add nice closed storage.

And this modular drawer option from ClosetMaid can be stacked and tucked into a corner or behind the closet door.

Rework the Entire Space

Finally, if your closet is sagging, bent or falling apart, it’s time to replace it.

But custom closet systems aren’t an option for everyone.

Luckily, there are a bunch of budget-friendly options!

This Rubbermaid closet system is nice because it offers flexible options for your closet.

The shelves can be adjusted to fit your belongings and there’s a dedicated space for both short and long hanging items.

For a larger closet space, perhaps a walk in set up, this closet wall system is a good choice if you want integrated drawers.

Reach in closets also deserve a system and this 16″ Closetmaid system fits the bill.

Add in extras like drawers and shelves to complete your closet.

Wrapping Up

There are so many ways to get everything in your closet organized!

Remember to look at the entire space and consider the options from top to bottom and front to back.

Use a combination of the solutions highlighted here to make use of all of the available space!

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