how to organize jewelry in the most beautiful way!


Jewelry is so fun!  It’s pretty to look at, nice to wear and everyday items are easy to find!  Jewelry can be sentimental and the process of deciding how to de-clutter your collection can be overwhelming.  I’m going to walk you through the steps of just how to pare down and de-clutter your jewelry so that you can have a beautifully organized jewelry collection in this post.

The things that make jewelry so great can also mean that you end up with more than you bargained for.  It’s super easy to end up with more jewelry than you’re ever able to wear!


Let me start with a disclaimer right up front – I’m a pretty simple gal and never really got into the habit of adorning myself with lots of baubles.  I have been more focused on getting my outfits more coordinated and accessorized lately – now that I’m past the stage with my kids where they’re likely to yank on my earrings or necklace!  So now I have a growing collection of jewelry that occasionally needs to be culled.  Here’s how to do it:

Strategies for getting an organized jewelry collection

1.  First, find pieces that no longer fit – is that bangle bracelet or necklace too small?  Too big?  Pull those out of your stash and set aside.  Next, identify items that you don’t like or don’t wear anymore.  Put any jewelry pieces that fall into these categories into your “doesn’t fit” pile.


2.  Next, weed out any broken pieces or earrings that have lost their mates.  Put pieces that you don’t want to repair in one pile and those that you do intend to repair into a separate pile.  The broken items you want to fixed should be placed in an area where you will remember to take them to be fixed.  And make a plan to get them fixed soon!


3.  For earrings that have lost their mates, those aren’t automatic candidates for the pitch pile.  I’ve seen pics on Pinterest and elsewhere with ideas about how to turn single earrings into pendants and pins.  If you’re slightly crafty, consider this option!  It’s a great for keeping and transforming earrings that you love into another great accessory.


4.  For pieces that you no longer wear or you no longer like, pass them along to family or friends or sell them.  For the items that you’re not interested in having repaired if they’re old, they might have some value.  Likewise, pieces with precious or semi-precious gems or metals, check with your local antique shop or jewelry store to see if they have an interest in buying your cast-offs.


5.  I’ve talked a lot about what to get rid of, but what should you be keeping?  Make sure to hang on to what you wear regularly.  Items that you reach for time and time again and are your go-to pieces.  Also make sure to keep sentimental items.  But store the sentimental items out of the way and in a separate area from your everyday jewelry pieces.  It’s easier to find what you’re looking for when you don’t have to sift through candidates you’re not going to wear.


After following these tips for organized jewelry, how does your jewelry stash look now?  I bet a ton better.  Have fun wearing all of your newly re-discovered pieces!

Want to see how I organize my jewelry in a short video?  Check it out here!