Thinking of becoming a Professional Organizer?

 considering becoming a professional organizer to get answers to your questions about the benefits of being a pro organizer!

I often get contacted people who are looking to make a career change and possibly become a Professional Organizer.  I’m not that surprised by their career choice for a few reasons…

Since I became a Professional Organizer so many years ago, it’s been a great decision for me and my family!  Being my own boss hasn’t come without a semi-steep learning curve, but overall it’s been a fantastic experience so far.

Why do I love being a Professional Organizer?  Let me tell you just a few of the reasons…

#1 Professional Organizers work when (and as much as) they want

The flexible schedule that a Professional Organizer creates has allowed me to stay at home with my kids, leaving time so I could volunteer in their schools. My former career as an attorney never would have given me this flexibility!

In fact, one of the main reasons why I chose to become self employed was because I didn’t want to be waiting for more work from the two law firms I was working part time for.  I realized that I would never be calling the shots about when I worked or how much I worked if I continued working as an attorney.

It’s true though that I mostly liked the type of legal work I was doing, but I didn’t like that I couldn’t ramp up for my workload to earn more money when it was needed or wanted.  The 80’s bathrooms in my home really needed to be re-done and I was never going to get there if I continued working for the law firms only.

No, I needed to switch things up to make those bathroom updates happen!  And you know what?  It took some time (hello big diversion of the Great Recession!) but both of my bathrooms were renovated in last year!

I really do get to work when I want.  If one of my kids has a program at school, I schedule clients around the event.  If I need to block off a weekend or two in a row because of family obligations, it’s no issue to fit clients in before or after that time.

No longer am I waiting for someone else to set my schedule.  I’m the captain of my own ship.  If I want to work more, I email or call clients I haven’t seen in a while to see if they’re ready to schedule another session.  Easy peasy to notch my workload up or down, almost on command!

#2 You get to work with people you love

I gotta say, I really do love the my clients!

The opportunity to work with, and meet all sorts of different people has been one the most fun (and unexpected) parts about this career.  Yes, I was meeting new people when I was working as an attorney, but they type of person was really similar (very corporate, for the most part!).

Now I get to work with men and women in different fields of work, with different living and working situations.  It’s interesting and the mix of people keeps things fresh.

My clients are really fun people to work with!  Part of that is because I’ve declined to take on people as clients that wouldn’t be a good fit to work with for one reason or another.    Few other careers offer as much flexibility in this area!

#3 Do what you enjoy!

When I think back to my former career as an attorney, one of the biggest things I didn’t enjoy was the stress of litigation.  The risk of making a mistake that would cost my clients potentially millions of dollars was super stressful.

I’m the type of person who worries about most things, and am relieved when they don’t happen.  With young kids in the picture, I didn’t want to have this kind of stress anymore since I was dealing with a new type of stress, the kid induced type.

What’s more, I get to do what I absolutely love: help people recognize and implement the systems they need to stay organized!

Because I’m an organized person by nature, working with clients rarely feels like “work.”  What looks like a giant, unworkable hot mess to some, is an amusement park for me.  I’m always ready for the challenge to sort everything out and make it functional again!

Ready to dive in?

If you’re considering becoming a professional organizer, then you’ll be interested in this guide I’ve put together, Becoming an Awesome Professional Organizer.  I pulled together my very best tips, tricks, resources and advice for getting started and put it into this fabulous guide!  It’s exactly what you need to get started!

Save yourself hours of frustration and uncertainty and get the questions to your burning questions answered, along with answers to questions you didn’t think to ask!

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