Before & After

Who doesn’t like good before and after pictures?  Scroll on down through some of our projects and soak in the organization and cleared clutter!

School Scramble








Before: Cluttered and dysfunctional school classroom
After: Ready for class!

How: This transitional space was cleared of outdated and unused materials though donations and proper storage.  Classroom was readied for use as a learning space.  Teachers were asked to claim their stuff or lose it!

Craft Room Chaos









Before: Craft room turned dumping ground
After: Creative order restored

How: Decluttered area, made better use of existing storage and improved floor plan

Lego Room Transformation

lego-room-before lego-room-after
Before: Cluttered storage room
After: Cleared and primed for Lego building

How: Relocated items to proper homes and sorted out items intended for upcoming garage sale

Guest Room Clean Up

guest-room-before guest-room-after
Before: Dumping ground
After: Ready for guests

How: Relocated items to proper home and sorted out unwanted items for recycling and charity donation

Medicine & Linen Closet Jumble



















Before: Jumbled mess with some organization to it, but not enough to make it functional
After: Order and function restored

How: Sorted like with like and discarded unwanted or expired medicines, lotions and potions

Linen Closet Revamp

linen-clos-before linen-clos-2
Before: Crowded and cluttered
After: Transformed to a functional gift center and guest linen station.

How: Linens were relocated to another closet in the home and bins of gift item were brought out from under the homeowner’s bed

Dining Room Disaster

Before: Unsightly mess of papers obscuring a beautiful buffet.

After: Efficient Homework and kid activity station established using the zone method.

How: Paper clutter was eliminated and organized!  Homes for everything were established.

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