Oh, the things people say when they first meet me!  I was at a business networking event not too long ago…

If you’d been there, this is some of what you would’ve heard right after I told someone that I’m a professional organizer:

“I’ve never met a professional organizer before!”

“You’d love to see my closet!”

“I wish I had time to get organized.”

The first two statements, I get those all the time.  The last one, though, people don’t often say to me, but I know it’s just one of those things that usually goes unsaid.  But boy, I gotta tell you, just like I told the person who told me they didn’t have the time, this:

You don’t have time to NOT get your business organized

Whether you realize it, or not, not having your business organized costs you a ton of time, in your business life.  Take a look at these statistics I found in a super quick Google search:

You’ll spend one year in your lifetime looking through your desk. A whole stinkin’ year!

You’ll spend at least two to six weeks this year (and each year after that) looking for things. Um, I don’t think that’s how you want to spend your time.

If you’re a visual person like me, take a minute to watch this video I made that highlights other ways your time is being wasted!

What’s more, time wasted in your business life always equals wasted money.  And is that a good thing?  Absolutely not!

You love your business, but you don’t want to be working all of the time.  You want the time you devote to your business to be effective and productive.  Also, you don’t want to waste any of that time you’re putting into your business.  But when you’re business isn’t organized, that’s exactly what you are doing – wasting time!

That’s why I’ll be pretty plain: Your business can’t wait for you to get organized.  It needs an organized structure right now in order to grow and flourish.

Without the structure, your business will be like a car on an icy road – the wheels will spin and you’ll get nowhere real fast.  The wheels may catch occasionally.   You’ll have some success going forward, but not like they would without the ice in the first place!

There’s a viable solution so you can stop spinning your wheels on ice a.k.a. losing time to disorganization.

You have to make time to get organized

I’m not talking about having your business organized by setting up a pretty color coded filing system.  Nobody’s got time for that if they’re running a business.  Heck, nobody’s got time for that even if they’re not running a business!  I’m talking about making the time to implement the actual essential systems that will help you get, and stay, organized.

If you need help getting your business organized, let’s talk.  I can get you back into working in your business rather than on it in a jiffy (i.e. making money).  And that’s exactly what you need!


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