Calming the Craziness of the Back to School Season

Calming the craziness of the back to school season. The best tips for staying organized through a challenging time.

Having trouble getting in the back to school swing of things?  This’ll help!

My kids have been back to school for about a month, yet it’s only mid-September!  There are so many things wrong with that, but I distract myself from many of the reasons my reminding myself that they’ll be done with school before Memorial Day.  Total craziness with ending that early too, but I have no say in the schedule.  For me, the back to school season is just so darn hectic.  There are new schedules to learn, new activities to accommodate, new teachers to figure out and new classmates to arrange playdates with (or hang outs as my 10 year old now insists on saying).

And this back to school season, well, life in the Hidek household has not gone as smoothly as I would like.  

As usual, I’m trying to do too much and boy, am I paying for it (more on that in a future post, perhaps!).  

Even a month in, I feel like while some of the newness has worn off, other issues are now starting to pop up.  Here’s what I’m doing these days to try to calm the crazy of this season just a little bit, and it’s so stinking simple that it’s genius: prepping the night before.  And the rest of this post if devoted to detailing exactly how I’m doing it!


Plan out Breakfast

I figure out what I’m going to have for breakfast.  I’m not a morning person, but a hungry or unsatisfied non-morning person is no fun to be around!  Same for the kids- at least narrow the choices so they can make a quick decision.


Delegate lunch making prep

I also have the kids help out with the prep work of lunch making.  They empty their lunch boxes, knock out any crumbs, and get all of the non-perishables like juice boxes, applesauce pouches, etc., back into the lunchbox. We also decide what they are having for lunch the next day so they won’t be disappointed if I don’t have something available.  Again, I’d like my unpleasant-ness to not occur in the already unpleasant wee hours of the morning.  {My alarm goes off before 6, still early enough to count as a wee hour, no?}


The fab lunch planning printable bundle is exactly what you need to make back to school planning  so much easier!  Stay organized to easy way!

I like to use this Lunch Planning Kit to make things go even more smoothly so that the boys have some ideas to go off of and I don’t get “I don’t know” from them.

Pre-load backpacks

I also have the kids pack their backpacks with all homework, supplies, snacks and water bottles.  It cuts down on last minute running around in the morning and helps us be on time each day.  Essentially, I get as much done the night before as possible to make the mornings run smoothly.

Choose outfits

I also prefer to have the kids pick out what they’ll be wearing the next day.  My 10 year old would wear athletic shorts with a mismatched shirt every single day if I let him, so to avoid the outfit battle in the morning, a bit of pre-planning is necessary.

Review and sign

Looking over homework and signing any forms or writing notes to the teacher is also done the night before.  The mornings are so rushed and now the school bus is coming almost 15 minutes earlier than what we started out with, so there’s just no time to waste in the morning.


Over to you…

And that’s our new back to school routine!  How about you, now? What have you done to calm the craziness in your household?  Let’s discuss in the comments below!


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