Want the details on where to find the best organizing products in the Cleveland area?  Read on!

I’m a very visual and tactile person.  I need to touch and feel most things before I buy them.  I prefer to eyeball measurements (when I can) rather than measure them with a ruler or measuring tape.

So for a lot of things, I prefer to buy them in person, rather than ordering them online.

I’m also a pretty impatient person, so the instant gratification of having the new goody in my hot little hands can almost never be topped!

I also am a picky shopper.  In the Cleveland area, Target and Wal-Mart rule as far as big box stores.  K-Marts are hard to find and since they stopped carrying Martha Stewart products (may she live forever), I haven’t been much of a fan anyway.  For me, I never shop at Wal-Mart (for so many different reasons).  And until June 2017, the Cleveland area had a few options for sourcing organizing products, but nothing really perfect.

So, now what does that leave peeps in the Cleveland area with, as far as choices for good organizing products?  In this post, I’ll reveal my favorite places for sourcing organizing products.  And if I’m being really truthful, my sources can be found in just about any city.  But I love to give props to Cleveland whenever possible!

Oh, the other thing you should know about me (or already do – shout out to my wonderful friends and awesome clients who read this blog!) is that I’m an avid bargain shopper.  I’ve not worked full time for a decade now, and have been lucky enough to work just part time and stay home with my kids for much of that time.  And one of the ways I made that work financially was by being a selective shopper and watching my budget – kinda (I like to “eyeball” that too, much to the chagrin of my husband).  I enjoy finding ways to save and scrimp (making room for an occasional splurge!) to make it all work.

Home sweet home

My favorite place to find organizing products is in my own home.  I’m always tweaking my organizational systems and finding new and better ways to organize and store things based on the changing needs of my family.
Everyone with kids knows the drill: things change quickly and when you stop keeping up, chaos ensues.  I’m such an organizing nerd that I even organize my organizing products.  In my hot mess of an attic (a story for another day), I try to group bins and containers that are not currently being used all together.  When it’s time to re-organize something and I need a container, my attic stash is the first place I go.  Essentially, I shop my own house and save time and money in the process!


{My big ol’ stash of bins, boxes and baskets for organizing!}

Almost Free

But when I need something I don’t have, my second favorite place (and this changes seasonally) to find organizing products is a garage sale.  This is not very time effective, but it can be cost effective.  I think I picked up the basket I use to store magazines in for only $1.  Cute and functional, it is.  And when Pepper the puppy chewed and destroyed one of the handles, I didn’t get too upset.
If you look closely at the table leg to the right of the basket, you’ll see more of Pepper’s destructive chewing {Destroyed basket handle is cleverly hidden by the magazines!}

Discount haven

Next up on my hit list: TJ Maxx / Home Goods stores.  My preferred store is the TJ Maxx at University Square, but I’m an Eastsider, so it is close and convenient.  The TJ Maxx on Chagrin is usually pretty picked over, and I have a harder time finding things there.  The amount of space dedicated to home goods at the University Square location is only rivaled by the North Olmsted store (see, I do cross over to the other side of town occasionally!).
I’ve also found Marshalls to be a good source too.  Another reason my I prefer the University Square location is because my favorite store, Target is right there also.  I prefer TJ Maxx to Target for organizing products because I find it easier to score a deal on products at TJ Maxx versus Target.

Chic & cheap style

Speaking of Target… My last preferred place to shop for organizing bins, containers and other products in the Cleveland area is the fabulous Target.  I recently picked up some clear plastic divided boxes in the Dollar Spot.  I got them for one reason, and was going to return them, but then I thought of another use for them: jewelry organization!
{This is like most of my home-grown organizing systems – functional, but not magazine ready!}
I really like how the necklaces fit in so nicely.  And it was a whopping $2 for both containers.  I now have room for even more jewelry!  I think I’ll grab a few more and really go for a full re-organization of the drawer.  And it won’t cost me much at all.

 Perfect every time

Back in June of 2017, something game changing happened for the Cleveland organizer world.  The mack daddy of all stores opened, The Container Store.  The Container Store carries not just any organizing products, but the very best products that will help any space be more organized and optimized!  As I tell my clients, no longer do we have to settle for options that mostly work. Nope, now we have the perfect products.  I’m talking straight sided baskets and bins, see through options galore.  And what’s more, the prices are competitive!  Just because they carry specialized products doesn’t mean you pay a specialized price.

In full disclosure, I do have a partnership with The Container Store.  You can read more about that here!  This Cleveland organizer is pumped to have this tremendously fantastic option available not only for my own clients, but also my home!  I do get a little giddy when I find exactly what I’m looking for to help organize a space.  Sheer giddiness is usually my state every time I visit that store!

Let me hear from you

So there you have it.  Were there any surprises on my list?  Any place I left off, fellow Clevelanders?  If so, do tell me below in the comments.