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Craft Room Chaos? A Guide to a Clutter-Free Creative Space

Craft room spaces are wonderful spaces, especially when they’re organized.

But when they’re not, they’re anything but the perfect place for creative expression.

Clutter and disorganization in a crafting space leads to not only less enjoyment in the space, but can also take away from time spent on actual crafting since creative juices can run dry in an unwelcoming space.

If you’re looking to overhaul an existing cluttered space or prevent the accumulation of clutter in the first place, this article will walk through the steps of keeping a craft room in order and provide a bunch of suggestions for product to help.

So let’s get to it!

Organized Craft Room- Before

Consider the Big Picture

First, consider your space and what activities you’ll be doing in the space before you decide on a plan to organize your space.

Storage solutions vary greatly for different crafts and their requisite supplies, so you’ll want to be clear on what you’ll actually be doing and creating in the space.

And if you’re like most crafters, you enjoy more than just one sort of craft or creative outlet, meaning you have supplies for multiple different activities in the space.

So you’ll need to set up your space to support all that you plan to do in the craft room.

Next, to keep everything in order, it really comes down to four things:

  • Grouping similar items in zones
  • Storing items where you’ll use them
  • Choosing the right sized containers
  • Leaving room for growth

How to Set Up Organized Zones in Craft Rooms?

The concept of using zones to organize your craft room basically boils down to grouping like things together.

For example, create a painting zone by putting paint brushes and paint in the same area or a sewing zone bindings, rickrack and other trims together both in containers and also in close proximity to other sewing supplies on a shelf or drawer.

When like items are stored in the same area, it ultimately makes it easier to find what you need and reduces the time spent gathering supplies.

Otherwise, you’ll be criss-crossing your space looking for items, leaving less time to create and creating frustration.

Yay for more creative time!

Where’s the Best Place to Keep Craft Items?

Follow the tried and true rule of keeping the most frequently used items where they’re most accessible.

Less used supplies and tools should be harder to reach- either stored on a high shelf or other out of the way space.

This’ll mean different things in different spaces, since every room has different features.

Some come with closets or other storage spaces, and not everyone has a ton of table space to work with.

If you have lots of counters or tables in the craft room, you’ll be able to use more table top solutions.

But if you’re limited on that sort of space, you’ll want to look at different solutions to free up the most space possible.

Also, if you have a closet in the space that can be used for storage, then that’s a great option for storing the bulk of your supplies since you can take advantage of existing shelving or install shelving pretty easily and cost effectively.

Another thing to keep in mind is to look for opportunities to use as much of the vertical space in the craft room as possible.

Not taking advantage of available vertical space is one mistake I see in client craft rooms pretty often.

What’s the Best Storage Container?

The short answer to the best storage container is that it depends on not only what you want to be storing but also where the container will ultimately live.

You may find the most perfect lidded bin for keeping your handmade cards, but it your shelves are not deep enough for the container, then it’s just not going to work in your space.

So before purchasing anything, measure the space you have and the items you’re looking to put in the container.

Go Vertical

IRIS USA 2Pack 30qt Stackable Plastic Storage Drawers, White

A sturdy set of stacking drawers in craft rooms are a wonderful addition since they are uniform in width, but often have different drawer depths available.

This means a ton will fit in them in a pretty compact space.

This drawer set from Sterilite is a sturdy and durable choice.

This set of drawer comes with wheels that are an optional feature, depending on where you’ll place the unit.

Sometimes the wheels will make sense, if you’ll be rolling it around in the room on the regular and also have low pile carpet or hard flooring, but if the unit will be stationary or if you have plusher carpeting, it may be smarter to leave the wheels off.

And the stacking nature of the drawers means that you can go vertical and not horizontal, something that’s not always top of mind and unused space.

Storing small items

Sterilite 14028606 Divided Case, Clear Case with Colored Latches and Tinted Trays, 6-Pack,Blue

Small items have a habit of cluttering up craft rooms, so the best option is to contain them!

And instead of dumping them all in a single container, parse them out into a tidy container like this divided storage case.

ArtBin 5004AB Large Solutions Box with Dividers, Art & Craft Organizer, [1] Plastic Storage Case, Clear

This divided container is great if you need a little more space.

The sections can be resized by moving the inserts, perfect for longer items.

IRIS USA 4Pack 5.5qt Large Clear Plastic Storage Container Clip Box with Latching Lids, Blue

Containers that have latching handles are fantastic for craft rooms since they more securely hold contents, even when they’re tipped over.

The shape and size of these containers are great for holding a myriad of items.

Portable Storage Options

IRIS USA 6Pack 8.5" x 11" Portable Project Case Container with Snap-Tight Latch, Clear

These containers are great for keeping projects together all in one place.

This is an especially big bonus if you’re not able to finish a project in one sitting or would like to craft on the go.

Put the component parts into the container, snap the lid closed and take it with you.

IRIS USA 10Pack 8.5" x 11" Portable Project Case Container with Snap-Tight Latch, Clear

The containers come in two different thicknesses. The thinner container holds a lot even with the smaller profile.

Specialty Storage Solutions

Go specialized with your organizing solution!

Here are some craft specific suggestions:

Knitting and Crochet Organization

LUXJA Knitting Needles Case(up to 8 Inches), Travel Organizer Storage Bag for Circular Needles, 8 Inches Knitting Needles and Other Accessories(NO ACCESSORIES INCLUDED), Purple

Contain knitting and crochet needles in a zippered pouch to keep everything nice and tidy and never lose another needle.

LTINVECK Knitting Bag Backpack,Yarn Storage Organizer Travel Crochet Bag with USB Charging Port,Yarn Storage Tote Bag Yarn Holder

Need to take more with you? How about this modern spin on a knitting or crochet bag. The yarn work backpack has a few features you’re sure to love, like the multiple yarn holes.

BeCraftee XL Crochet Bag - Large Craft Organizer to Store Crocheting & Knitting Supplies - Portable Yarn Storage with 7 Pockets for Tools, Shoulder Strap and Handle - Blue | Easy to Carry, Tangle Free

This zippered tote is another great option for mid-sized projects.

PAVILIA Knitting Bag Yarn Storage Tote, Large Crochet Organizer Bag, Yarn Storage Holder for Crocheting Knitter, Knitting Project Bag, Crochet Accessories Set, Gifts for Crochet Lovers, Chevron Teal

Another option for yarn and project storage is this great knitting and crochet tote, with storage options galore.

Paper Crafts Organization

BOMKEE Pencil Case for Adults 220 Slots Colored Pencils Gel Pen Organizer Bag with Zipper for Artist Handy Glitter Gel Pens, Refills, Waterproof Coloring Holder Pencils Case(Green)

Contain drawing and colored pencils in a zippered pouch so they stay sharp and ready for your next project.

Put them in rainbow order for a spectacular reveal every time you open the case!

BTSKY 2 Layer Stack & Carry Box, Plastic Multipurpose Portable Storage Container Box Handled Organizer Storage Box for Organizing Stationery, Sewing, Art Craft, Jewelry and Beauty Supplies Blue

Stacking lidded boxes are fabulous for storing a myriad of paper crafting supplies.

Storage Studios Projections Paper Holder with 10 Expandable Sections, 14.625 x 9 x 14.25 Inches, Black and White (CH92650)

Turn the paper on its end to avoid having to lift the stack to get specific pieces out to work with and store it vertically.

Samsill 12x12 Paper Storage, Clear Magazine File Holder for Scrapbook Paper or Vinyl Storage,3 Pack

To get a larger collection of paper organized, use these clear boxes instead. I have a set in my craft room that have stood up to a lot of wear and tear beautifully.

Qilery Scrapbook Paper Dividers Bulk with 6 Tabs Plastic Binder Dividers for Dividing 12 x 12 Inch Scrapbook Paper Storage Cardstock Tabbed Dividers File Library Book Dividers(12 Pcs)

These dividers work great for separating out different colors or categories and also make scrap management easier since they’re full width of the sleeves. Smaller pieces of paper stay behind the divider, for clear separation.

Die Cutting and Vinyl Organization

ArtBin 6974AG Desktop Accessory Storage with 24 Slots, [1] Art & Craft Organizer, White

Keep your desktop a bit neater and stop misplacing small tools by gathering them in this compact organizer.

Vinyl Roll Holder with 24 Large Holes - Wide, Sturdy Acrylic Vinyl Storage Organizer - Multifunctional, Easy-to-Assemble Vinyl Roll Storage - Vinyl Organizer Art Rack

Go vertical by stacking your rolls of vinyl in an accessible unit.

Jewelry Making and Beading Organization

IRIS USA 10Pack Large Plastic Hobby Art Craft Supply Organizer Storage Containers with Latching Lid

Collect embellishments together in one place in these clear Iris boxes.

TERGOO 12in Three-Layer Multipurpose Storage Box Organizer Folding Tool Box/Art & Crafts Case/Sewing Supplies Organizer/Medicine Box/Family First Aid Box with 2 Trays (White Pink)

Containers with handles make for a smart choice, especially crafts that you’ll do on the go, whether in a different space than your craft room or outside of your home. This small toolbox organizer is a fun option. Love the pink!

Pink Tool Box – Durable Tackle Box Organizer with 4 Compartments for Hardware, Fishing Tackle, Beads, Hair Accessories and More by Stalwart

If you have many tools and supplies, then go bigger with a single storage unit to get organized, rather than. a bunch of different smaller options. This big craft toolbox is a really fantastic choice.

What Else to Consider When Organizing a Craft Room?

The last consideration for organizing a craft room is to leave room for growth, with regards to individual containers as well as shelf space too, if possible.

Because let’s get real.

If you’re super passionate, or heck, even semi-passionate about card making, knitting or sewing or any other sort of crafty hobby, then you will be getting more supplies.

So your space needs to have room built in to accommodate the new items to keep things in check.

If room for growth isn’t intentionally planned for, then you’ll be back to a cluttered situation in no time, and that’s no fun at all.

Over to you!

Hope you find these tips on creating an organized craft room super helpful.

Although it’s easy for craft rooms to get out of control when there’s no place to put things, keep this guidance and product suggestions in mind to avoid items accumulating in the space.

This will leave more time for doing what you truly love in the space, and that’s to be creative!

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