Clutter free gifts: Giving the Gift of Organization

As the holidays approach, shopping for gifts for family and friends is nearing the top of most people’s To Do Lists.  Many struggle with trying to stay organized, and the most thoughtful gifts may not be the answer to your loved one’s organizational issues, but at the very least, the gifts you choose to give could strive to not become clutter.

There are many good options for gift ideas that won’t cause clutter and here are some of my favorite ideas out on the internet:

Fly Lady breaks down gift ideas by recipient – men, women, children, grandchildren, and others and the lists feature ideas from the site’s readers.  So nice to have a variety of perspectives featured on here from so many different contributors.

Andrea Dekker is a blogger who has written many times about various clutter-free gift ideas.  In one post about giving experiences rather than physical gifts, Andrea says:

“Experience gifts can be a little more time-consuming to plan… and they aren’t necessarily inexpensive, but they are a fantastic clutter-free gift that your recipient will probably remember for a very long time.”

You’ll find 90 (!) clutter free ideas from The Minimalist Mom.

Figuring out what to give grandparents or parents of adult children can be especially challenging.  Nourishing Minimalism has some great suggestions including digitizing VHS tapes, creating a photo calendar and many more ideas that can be found here.

356 Less Things suggests giving the gift of garden work or a home cooked meal, among others.

Over thirty unique clutter free gift ideas are spelled out by The Minimalist Packrat.

You’ll find a downloadable PDF with clutter free gift ideas at “Simply In Order” and “Changing Spaces” has a printable too.

What are about perhaps the biggest clutter magnets in your life? has some great suggestions for clutter free gift ideas for kids.

I’d love to hear what other ideas for clutter free gift you have.  Please share with a comment!