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From Cluttered to Clean: 9 Reasons You Can’t Shake the Mess

Fair warning here!  

I’m feeling rather sassy today, so this post is going to be more of a straight shooter about clutter (a.k.a. totally blunt) than most of my posts.  

If you’ve worked with me or know me, you know that I have no judgment and I say all of this to help. 🙂  

Without further ado, here are 9 reasons why you keep clutter.  

And they aren’t that great, as you might suspect, so I’m also going to share exactly how to overcome each one so you can reveal the clutter free home you’ve been craving! 

1. FOMO or I might need it one day

Not wanting to miss out on having an item that *might* be needed one day is a pretty big block with many of my clients when it comes to letting go of items and getting organized.  

But what if you got rid of things that are not currently being used that could be re-acquired in 20 minutes for no more than $20?  

This 20/20 rule would take care of a lot of your clutter, I bet.

2.  It’s still good

Just because it has some useful life left, does NOT mean that you need to be the one using it.

If your item still has life left and could be used by someone else, make that happen!  

List it on Craigslist, a local Freecycle group, a Buy Nothing Group on Facebook, or schedule a pickup with

Don’t get caught up on trying to find the perfect person to get your item.  Perfection is crippling!

Need help figuring out how to sell your stuff?  I have the perfect guide for your right here.

3.  It was a gift

Keeping something just because it was a gift, isn’t a very good reason to hang onto something you don’t actually want, like or have a use or need for.

The gift giver intended to make you happy by giving you the gift.  

If the gift no longer makes you happy (or you have no use for it and it’s collecting dust), it’s now clutter.

Don’t feel guilty about getting rid of the gift.  

Let it go!  

If you want to remember the gift, take a picture of it first because a picture is a lot easier to manage than the item itself.

4.  Someday it will be worth something

Similarly, hanging on to something just because it might be worth money “some day” is just causing your clutter problems to continue.

Do you have the time or space to wait for “someday?”  

That’s a rhetorical question really, because you don’t.  

It likely isn’t worth it and the item won’t appreciate in value.  

Long gone are the days where items are produced in such small quantities that they’re worth hanging on to.

The time you’ll save by letting go of the clutter now, you’ll open up new opportunities going forward.  

Start living for now, not the future!

If you’re really unsure, you can check the current going value by searching for the item on eBay and then checking what similar items have sold for by looking at the completed listings.

That’ll give you a ballpark estimate of the item’s worth right now.

5.  You don’t know what to do with it

If the item doesn’t have a specific place in your home because you don’t know what to do with it, it’s clutter.  

Not something you use, want, need, or like?  

Then it’s time to let it go.  If it’s a newly acquired item, now is the time to make room for the item or let go of it.

Need help figuring it all out?  That’s exactly why I’m here! 

6+7.  I don’t know where to begin and It’s too much to do, I can’t do it myself

These are both common reasons for most people who want to get more organized.  

To cut through clutter, you need someone who can make good (yet quick) decisions and figure out the best way to get started.

 It’s time to get a someone else involved to help you, someone like me!

And a professional will be your best bet.  

A true professional puts your needs ahead of their own and can be subjective.  

Pro organizers know the questions to ask and can help you craft a plan to get it all done.

If you’re in the Cleveland, Ohio area and want some help, give me a call.

If you’re outside of the Cleveland area, we can still work together. Let’s talk about how we can make that happen!

Perhaps, my flagship program, Organize Me Now is a good option for you?

8.  More is better

Or is it?

Quality over quantity will win out just about every time.

Except maybe with chocolate.  

Nah, it’s better to have quality chocolate over lots of cruddy chocolate anyway!

The same holds true for possessions too.  

It’s better to have a smaller set of treasured quality books over many jammed bookcases full of books you don’t like.  

Apply this thinking to other possessions as well.

Also consider if the item is in good shape and worth keeping for its content.  Anything not in good shape is likely clutter.

9.  It’s a sentimental item

Some folks hold on to things because it holds a special memory or because it was from someone special.

Consider if what you want is the actual item or if you want to hold onto to memory of the person who gave you the item or how you acquired the item (travel mementos, anyone?).

If you want to hold onto the memory of the item or related experience, ask yourself if a picture of the item would be enough.  

If so, take a picture and let the item go!  

Can’t part with the item?  

Keep a select group of items and set limits of how much you’ll keep.

At the end of the day, everything can’t be special.

Some things have to be more special than others, with the other items being candidates to go.

Over to you!

How many of the reasons ring true for you?

 It really doesn’t matter if you have a lot of clutter, or just a small amount (I’ve yet to meet anyone that doesn’t have any!).  

Chances are one of these reasons is holding you back.  

And now that you’ve identified them, you can work to overcome and get organized!

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