What Clutter Really Costs You

Beyond being super annoying and slowly draining the life out of you, clutter is actually costing you much more. Learn exactly what do you can put a stop to it right now!

Sure, clutter seems relatively harmless enough, right?  I hate to break it to you, but it’s totally not!

In some cases it is just a pile of papers you meant to file away, a stack of books that need to be retuned to the library, or a hamper full of dirty clothes waiting to be laundered. All delayed decisions.

But clutter is actually a time, energy, and spirit killer.  And clutter kills your pocketbook too.

Say what?

Clutter takes time to maintain and deal with, robbing you of time to do other things.  It causes you to devote time or mental energy that could otherwise be spent on more enjoyable things.

What’s more, clutter is a constant reminder of things that remain undone or unresolved.  And that can be depressing and stress-inducing.  Ugh.


Got money to burn?

I hate to be such a bummer, but you gotta know that clutter can also cost you money.

Here’s how: Have you ever purchased something only to discover you already owned it?  You’ve spent money on the duplicate item that could have been used for something else and now the duplicate is taking up space in your home too!

Money’s also lost due to disorganization and clutter when we get dinged  with late fees, or even worse, lose clients.


Have all the time in the world?

Another excuse I often hear is that they just don’t have enough time to get organized.  But get this: I read recently that the average American spends three weeks a year looking for misplaced items each year and that American executives spend on average six weeks a year searching for lost items.

You read that right.  Time in the order of 3-6 weeks is being lost each year.  That’s at least an hour a day.

Wow!  Imagine if you weren’t wasting time searching for lost belongings!  You could add at at least an hour back into your life each and every day!  Crazy!

In sum, clutter costs you time and money (and probably your sanity too).

Sheesh!  This is all bummer information, am I right?


But here’s the bright side

The good news is that there’s a solution to all of this and it’s totally within your control!

Like so many other things in life, it is cheaper, faster and better to just deal with your clutter now.  Putting it off only prolongs the issue, making the payoff further away and multiplying the cost to you.

In order to slash the costs of clutter, you gotta make a change, stat!

If you don’t know where to start, may I humbly suggest you sign up for the Organizing Jumpstart Challenge.  It’s free and fast and delivers fast results in the form of an email a day for a mere days.  Scroll just a bit down and sign up to get started today!

I love this challenge because it is soooo do-able and you’ll feel like an organizing superstar when you’re all done!


Over to you!

Are there other costs you can identify that stem from clutter or disorganization?  Call ’em out below!


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