Do You Really Need to Shred That?

I work with a lot of clients with their paper problems. And a good bit of them get hung up on the details of complying with “the rules.” And by “the rules” I’m talking about a set of things they think they need to do before getting rid of paperwork they no longer need. Rules […]

9 Reasons Why Your Home Always Looks Cluttered

9 Reasons Your House Always Looks Cluttered

Are you struggling to get your home organized, but feel that no matter what you do, it still looks cluttered? There’s a good reason for that. None good reasons, in fact. Read on! Fridge Magnets Your fridge that’s covered with a bunch of magnets might be a fun way to inject some personality into your […]


7 Reasons Your Clutter Keeps Coming Back

One of the constants in life is clutter.   And that’s because few people have the time or the skills to keep up with the amount of decisions that are required to be made in order to avoid clutter.   Clutter is, after all, nothing more than a delayed decision.   But when we dig […]