How to Easily Solve Kitchen Cabinet Clutter

  What I know for sure: Everyone has at some point experienced kitchen clutter. A lot of kitchen clutter hides out of sight behind cabinet doors. My kitchen has a similar issue. One of my kitchen cabinets has stuff in it that I haven’t looked at for years. And I’m going to reveal that kitchen clutter to you […]

6 easy ways to organize your whole home

6 Easy Ways to End Clutter

    One strategy that should be employed in any organizing quest is to stop potential clutter from coming in.   Clutter robs us of time, energy, and space – both physically and mentally.  It adds stress and is a time waster.   But since you are reading this, you probably already know all of […]


7 Steps to Get Rid of Junk Mail

Junk mail is a big contributor to paper clutter in mailboxes and homes.  What to do?   Here are 7 easy steps to get off of mailing lists and drastically reduce what’s hitting your mailbox each day: Get off the List Visit and register to get your name off of annoying junk mail lists. […]