How to end paper clutter without getting overwhelmed with pastel colored pencils on white background

How to End Paper Clutter Without Getting Overwhelmed

Raise your hand right now if there’s a pile or two (or 5!) of papers on your kitchen counter.   I’ll fess up that my hand is in the air, waving around with no shame about my one paper pile.   Why?  Because paper is present in 100% of homes.   We all have it […]


Organization Habits You Just Gotta Have

Do you want a change in your life, but you feel like a hamster on the wheel, just running away on the wheel?   Get off that wheel and start doing something different to change your habits.   Your organizing habits, namely! Has clutter got you down? Then make a change.   Even a small […]


Cutting Kid Clutter

Kid clutter can be such a problem because kids’ toys, books, stuffed animals and plastic do-dads seem to accumulate overnight.   And it’s no surprise that kid clutter can be overwhelming because of the sheer quantity of it! Plus kid clutter is unique in that there are so many random pieces and parts that aren’t […]