How to Conquer Kid Clutter for Once and All

How to get organized despite kid clutter

Overwhelmed by kid clutter?  

The crap stuff kids accumulate certainly seems to multiply like bunnies overnight.Before you know it, you’re drowning in a sea of plastic junk.  

What to do with it all?  

You can’t just pitch it all and be done with it, unfortunately.

Read on for some quick strategies for how to truly conquer kid clutter:

Wait for the right chance

Look for opportunities to get rid of items your kids aren’t using when they’re not around.  

Like nap time.  

You might think I’m joking, but I’m totally serious.  

Chances are they won’t miss the plastic do-dad acquired from the fast food joint or a birthday party treat bag if just disappears.

Truth is, I regularly cull this kind of crap-eola from my house.  

A lot of times without my kids’ permission.  

When I get called on this, I usually just say, “oh, I’m sure it’s around here somewhere” and 5 seconds later they’ve forgotten all about it!

The secret is to get rid of it when they’re not looking.  

Sneaky, yes, but totally necessary.  

There’s simply some junk they’ll never voluntarily get rid of and in reality, they have no use for it.  It’s just junkity junk.  

Get rid of it and feel no guilt!

Pro tip

Use a dark colored bag to dispose of the aforementioned junkity-junk.  

They won’t be able to see through the bag!

Time it right

Use the weeks before birthdays and holidays to have your kids voluntarily get rid of things.  

I use the carrot of new shiny things as an incentive for my boys to let go of things they no longer want or use.  

When this type of de-cluttering is routine, your kids won’t balk at letting things go.  

It’ll be just another thing that’s normal and expected.

Pro tip

Use specific language like “Which of these (insert specific category of toys) are you done playing with?” or

“Gather all of your baby dolls. You have 10 baby dolls here.  Which three can leave to make room for all of the new toys you’re about to get?”

Get into a routine

Regularly get rid of things your kids have outgrown.  

If you plan to use the item with another child when they grow into it (clothes or toys), pack them away in a labeled container.

Need a comprehensive system to deal with the hand-me-downs?

Check out my kit!

Until the right time comes, you’ll be able to keep the extra items out of the way and safely stored.  

If there’s no one in your immediate family to keep the items for, pass them along to friends or donate them.

Pro tip

Use big labels so there’s no doubt as to what you have.  I’ve designed the most perfect set of labels and inventory sheets.

The Golden Rule of Organizing

Live by the One-in-One-Out Rule aka the golden rule of organizing for dealing with kid clutter.  

It’s as simple as it sounds: When you bring something new into your home, say a new stuffed animal, something else must leave, perhaps an unloved stuffy.

Pro tip

Make no exceptions to this rule and you’ll be amazed what a difference it makes!

Especially when it comes to the amount of clutter you no longer have to deal with.


Want even more tips for conquering kid clutter?

In just under 3 minutes, learn techniques for de-cluttering kid stuff and staying organized in this video!  

Among other things, I spill the beans on the best types of containers to use with kids so that you can stay organized!