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How to Organize Coupons and Actually Use Them

Do you like the idea of saving a little money, but the thought of dealing with coupons drives you a little batty?  

This post is for you then!  

This post is going to outline a system for quick and easy coupon organization and give suggestions for coupon organizers.

Let’s begin!

The Reality of Coupons

You probably started out saving coupons with the intent of saving money.

But the reality is that you get busy, and more often than not, the coupons expire before you even get a chance to use them.

Or you get to the store only to remember that you didn’t gather up your coupons beforehand.

Or coupons you clip are more likely to be used as a bookmark than to save you money at the store.

If you can relate to any of these situations, that means it’s time to get organized!

Save only what you’ll use

First, start off by not clipping every coupon you come across.

Be judicious and thoughtful about which coupons you’re likely to use before the expiration date.

Seriously, be honest about what you will actually use.

It’s a waste of time if you’re taking the time to save them, but then have to turn around and pitch the coupons once it expires.

And you’re busy enough to not add one more thing in your life to deal with!


Choose Your Coupon Organizing System

Now it’s time to choose how you’ll organize your coupon collection,

And that comes down to how you’ll actually use the coupons.

Organize Coupons By Category

Back when I was much more of a coupon queen, I had a more involved system of coupon organization.

I kept them in a pocket envelope like the one above.  

I sorted them with a simple system, by category: fresh, frozen, boxed, canned, pet, health & beauty, etc.  

It worked pretty well, but took a bit of time.

Side note:

In case you are wondering, the pocket envelope above is from the Martha Stewart line that Staples used to carry.  

I don’t believe it is available now.

One of the reasons I most like this pocket envelope was because of the elastic band that helps to slim it down.  

That feature made the envelope fit into my purse easily and it didn’t take up too much room compared to other versions I’ve used in the past.


Organize Coupons by Store

A less involved coupon organizing system is to organize your coupons by store.

So when you come across a coupon you think you’ll use, just pop it into the store section where you usually buy it.  

This is the system I transitioned to when my buying habits changed to more organic brands, which generally have fewer coupons available.

Because there weren’t as many coupons to clip and sort, the sort by category system was too complicated.

Sorting by the store is much more simple and is overall easier to maintain.  

This is a great coupon organizing system to use if you’re not meal planning based on coupons.

Flip through the coupons in your organizer while you’re in line or as you’re shopping.  

Coupon Organizer Maintenance

No matter which organizing system you choose to go with, keep it kink free by maintaining it!

Close to the end of the month, go through the pockets and see what coupons will be expiring soon.

Then plan to use and plan to use them.  

At the same time, pitch the coupons that have already expired.

Easy peasy!

Coupon Organizers

Looking for a new coupon organizer?

Here are some great options!

This coupon organizer actually attaches right to the shopping cart!

How convenient!

A super nice option if you don’t want to tie up your hands with a coupon organizer as you shop.

This coupon organizer is in a much more fun pattern and also hooks around the cart handle.

If you’re looking for different style of coupon organizer, then check out this cute 3 ring binder version.

This appeals to looking at your coupons like they’re in a book.

If you already have a coupon binder that you like, how about adorning it with this funny decal?

Over to you!

And now you have the basics of organizing coupons:

Decluttering, sorting and proper storage!

Once you start organizing your coupons, you’ll find that you will actually use the coupons and you’ll stop just clipping and forgetting about them!

Truthfully, I used to be much more of a coupon and deal scouter.  

I learned how to stack coupons, and source coupons like a pro!  

Not like an extreme couponer though, this mama doesn’t have time for that.

I don’t even have time to stand behind an extreme couponer in line at Target again.

True story – she spent $24 and saved $400!  

Great for her, but not for me and the other 5 people in line behind her who had to wait an extra 25 minutes!

Have you ever gotten stuck behind an extreme couponer?

Do tell me about it in the comments!

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