After the holiday fun is over, putting away christimas and other holiday decorations can be such a chore! Bit it doesn't have to be that way! Learn how to get all of the Christmas decorations organized in a snap!

Easy Ways to Organize Holiday Decorations in a Snap!

The holidays are winding down and it’s about time to pack away all of the Christmas decorations until next year.  Truth be told, I like to put away everything New Year’s Eve so that I can start off the new year with a fresh and clean home!  It’s always so nice to have everything put away and have complete holiday decoration organization checked off of the To Do list!

Let’s put your decorations away virtually so you can see some really fantastic tools to help you pack up quickly and ensure everything will be in great condition once you’ve unpacked them next year!  The key to putting away decorations in a quick and organized fashion is to use specialized containers.  Here are some of my favorite picks!


First, let’s start with your ornaments!  If you anything like me, you’re pretty tired of wrapping each ornament and putting them in a box.  It’s far easier to put them in a tray, stack the trays up in a container, zip the container closed and put the whole thing away.  Enter this container:

Christmas Ornament Zippered Storage Box

This fabric storage box holds 64 ornaments!  I really like how compact this box is and the straight sides means that they will stack up nicely and not have too much of a footprint in your storage area.  The handles on the sides make it easy to carry.  I also like that it has a space for a label.  Bonus if you have different sets of ornaments or themes that you rotate through a few years.

Prefer a plastic container to guard against water or moisture intrusion?

This Iris Ornament Container holds 75 ornaments and has a flip top for easy access.


Christmas lights are so pretty when they’re up, but can be such a pain in the patootie when it’s time to take them down and store them.  Enter these fabulous reels:

We’ve used this style of reels for years and it’s been a life saver.  My husband likes to change color themes, so we have lots and lots of lights to corral. I like that they allow the lights to be rolled up in a compact way that also protects them pretty well.  We’ve not had any light breakage with these.

The reels we have aren’t available anymore, but the bonus of this set is that it comes with a bag to further protect the lights.  We store our reels in a giant plastic storage containers.  This isn’t ideal either because the tubs are pretty heavy when full!  I can’t lift them and have to resort to dragging one end.


Now that the ornaments and lights are put away, you can move on to the tree!  I’ve been using a tree bag for a while since we use an artificial tree (not my choice, but I married an artificial tree guy).  But what I don’t like about our bag is that it doesn’t have any structure to it, and the tree parts spread out in the bag making it a big blob that’s difficult to move.

A quick check on Amazon reveals I’ve clearly been using an inferior bag.  Look at what I could have instead:

This tree bag seems like a much better choice because it has more structured sides that would keep the tree compact.  There’s also a canvas version that seems like an even better choice!  It’s the heavy duty version of the bag pictured above.


And finally, how about wreath storage?

holiday wreath storage

This bag will keep the wreaths dry and dust free!  And the bag has handles so you can hang it on a hook up and out of the way so the wreath doesn’t get damaged.

Prefer a hard sided container because you want the extra protection?  Check out this nice option:

plastic storage case for wreaths

This wreath storage container will really protect your wreath from literally getting bent out of shape!  It’s super easy to use and stow away until the next holiday season!

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