A huge part of being organized is knowing what tools work for you and which ones don’t.

Organized folks ferret out things that don’t work as anticipated or that don’t produce a desired result.

Because what is not useful or being used is just clutter!

Fans of streamlining (that’s you!) know that the process of decluttering extends to just about everything in their lives, even down to the most simple things.

Even cleaning products!

It might not seem like decluttering cleaning products will really help contribute to being better organized, but it really will.

And here’s why: when products don’t work like they should and you have to spend time searching for the right product or have to re-clean items because of an under performing product, that’s eating away at time that couldn’t been spent another, more enjoyable way.

So in the hopes of saving you a bit of time, and to decrease my frustration with a certain line of cleaning products, I present the following review of dishwasher detergents!  Note that I only use products that meet my tree-hugging standards- and for dishwasher detergent that means, it must be biodegradable and not contain any phosphates or anything too nasty.

Now a lot about the performance of dishwasher detergent has to do with how dirty the dishes are when they go into the dishwasher.  For full transparency sake, know that my dishes were moderately dirty, none were pre-rinsed (that can really affect detergent performance, so don’t do it!) and most of the food was scraped off of the dishes.  Also, the dishwasher typically gets run every other day or so.  So nothing is sitting in there for very long, getting crusty and caked on.  I also ran the dishwasher on the Normal cycle and air dry option.
Today I’m reviewing three different eco-friendly dishwasher detergent products.  Contenders for this review are the dishwasher detergents from Honest Company, Method, and Shaklee.  I know the suspense is killing you (sarcasm, anyone?), so here’s how the various detergents performed:
First, I have something positive to say about this detergent: it’s readily available in most stores.  But here’s the truth about how it performed for me & my dishes: not well.  And I was so disappointed!  I like Jessica Alba and some of the other Honest products, but this one, not so much.  Glasses were a bit cloudy and not all of the dishes came out sparkling clean.  I’m busy enough without having to hand wash items that didn’t get clean in the dishwasher the first time.  Moving on…
 Method products are also readily available, which is nice.  I’ve used both the Smarty Wash and Smarty Plus.  Dishes and glasses came out cleaner and with less residue than the Honest detergent.  But everything didn’t come out as clean and clear as I’d like though.  Bottom line on this detergent is that it is good, but not great.

My usual and absolute go to product after this product test.  This detergent was hands down the most effective one of the lot.  Glasses come out clean and clear with no cloudiness and film.  I also like that I scoop out the detergent rather than having to deal with the pods with Honest or Method.  The Method pods are a little too big for the dishwasher cups of my dishwasher and it’s a struggle to get the little door closed.

I like being able to add a little more detergent for an especially grubby load or decrease the detergent amount for a lightly dirty load.  Since it’s a powder, I get to control how much detergent is used and if you know me, you know that I’m all about control (but only in the best way, right, friends?).  Interested in buying this fantastic dishwasher detergent?  You won’t find Shaklee products on store shelves- products will come directly to you via your Fedex person.  But first, head on over to my friend, Diane Turner’s website and do a little shopping.

Hope this eco-friendly dishwasher detergent review helps you find your favorite detergent!