My Favorite Organizing Tools

I am a big fan of Project runway and especially Tim Gunn.  I have lots of make it work moments in my life, especially when it comes to organizing.  It’s gratifying to use something you already have on hand, maybe in an unexpected way, to make it work! Here is a roundup of my favorite {cheap-o} organizing tools:

Twist ties

Cords can take up a lot of space, get tangled and make a drawer look and feel really messy.  I keep twist ties on hand for exactly this occasion and use the ties to establish order with cords.  I especially like the longer, more heavy-duty kind you get with new electronics.


Binder clips

I have a special affinity for these guys.  I love to corral paper with them.  The hold more than paperclips and the paper seems to stay put better.  I also have used binder clips for keeping bags closed, and make sure earbuds and ribbon stay untangled.  Check out a ton of other ideas from Lifehacker.



Velcro straps

Sure, they hold cords together, but they can also be used to strap power strips up and out of the way.





Shoe Boxes

They can contain just about everything.  I’ve used them to keep Wii games and spools of ribbon organized.  You can get kinda fancy and cover them with paper, or get really fancy and add fabric and Mod Podge for a one-of-a-kind storage piece.


Small boxes

I use small boxes and lids for other projects – smart phones, jewelry boxes, etc. They organize all sorts of little bits and odd ends.  Why pay for plastic organizers instead of using a custom solution approach that your space perfectly?  In the above picture, I used a copper plant pot that was just shallow enough to fit in the desk drawer.  It fit perfectly and had pretty straight sides to maximize usable space.

Takeaway point: You don’t have to spend money to get organized.  Imagination and your time is all it really takes!

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