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Over the past 4 months or so, I’ve really stepped up my presence on the web – so much so that I think know I’ve not done such a hot job of letting folks know.  My fellow entrepreneurs know what I’m talking about – there’s only so much you can do!  But I will share with you that about a year ago, when you searched “Cleveland Professional Organizer,” I was buried on Page 8.  One year and many social media posts later, I’m on Page 1.  Bam!  How do you like them apples?

I’m publishing content and offering tools to get you organized in many different ways, but since I’m a one woman band, I know some things are falling through the cracks…  So here’s where you can find and follow me:

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I’d also love to get your feedback.  I take constructive criticism really moderately well!  Shoot me an email and let me know what’s what!  What do you want to see more of?  Anything that you’d like me to steer clear of because it’s more done and overplayed than Miley Cyrus?  I really want to know!  But… Be nice!