Garage Organization: Mission Made Possible!


Garage organization is not beyond your reach, even though garages are absolute clutter magnets.  I know mine is always teetering on the line of a hot mess, even though it has some good organizing systems going on in it.  As the weather gets warmer, I know I’ll be tempted to overhaul the systems because they aren’t quite working for us anymore.  The toys and playthings the kids are hanging on to are smaller and more diverse and have more pieces.  I had installed a hook rail and hung big metal pails which seemed to do a good job for a while, but no longer…

Since I’m on the hunt for new options, I thought I’d share a few of my findings with you!




First up is this Better Homes & Garden slideshow.  In the first picture, I like the use of over the door space, but I wonder if that would make me feel claustrophobic as I enter and exit the house…  I’m not a fan of peg board.  I think I saw Martha Stewart paint a shadow of the tools on the board surface to “label” where everything would go.  Art plus function makes for an interesting addition to any garage.  I can’t find the picture now to share, but trust me, it was cute!



Speaking of she who shall live forever, here’s another tool wall she featured with outlines of tools hung on a wall.  And jam jars reused to hold nails and screws on the bottom of the overhead shelf!  I like the idea of the jars because you could just unscrew the jar and take it to your job site, and easily return it when finished.  I also like reusing objects instead of buying plastic made in population exploding and smog ridden country (ahem, China)…



Here’s a slideshow from Listotic featuring 28 creative storage ideas for the garage, including a new use for a magnetic knife strip and a nifty bike shelf!  I like the fact that there is a designated space for the helmet.  Clever!

The DIY network has an entire feature on how to bust clutter in your garage.  They probably could have an entire series based on cluttered garages.  Do they?  I don’t get this channel.

Finally, a freebie for you!  Real Simple offers this garage organizing checklist.  It is kinda handy and covers the basics of getting the space organized.  Hope you find it useful!

What are your garage organizing challenges?

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