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Genius Tips for Making Spring Cleaning Easier

It’s that time of year again: Time for Spring cleaning!

This time of the year is perfect for opening up your home’s windows and letting in some fresh air.

And giving your home a once over.

But here’s the thing.

Pretty much no one loves to clean, let alone Spring clean.

So we’re going to cover how to make the entire process of cleaning better and easier.

By reducing how much time it takes!

Now that I have your attention, know that this is possible because a cluttered space takes 40% longer to clean than an uncluttered space.

That’s a lot of time, right?

So let’s talk about how to knock Spring cleaning efforts down by 40%.

Tips for Reducing Spring Cleaning Time

The first step in decluttering your space to reduce overall Spring cleaning time is to take daily action.

No one is excited about the thought of clearing their entire schedule for a few days or weeks to declutter and then clean their home.

And the truth is, it’s really not even necessary to do this!

Instead, take small, meaningful actions, starting by using a decluttering calendar.

Better yet, get a done for you decluttering calendar like our 365 Days to an Organized You Decluttering Calendar.

365 Days to an Organized Your Organizing Calendar pages splayed out on an angle with teal cover on top against white background

With this handy decluttering tool at your fingertips, you just have to follow along each day and do the task of the day to see instant results.

The really great thing is that the calendar covers different areas and parts of your home and eliminates the need to decide what to do each day.

It’s already been figured out for you!

It’s perfect no matter your starting point and works for any time of the year since you just start the calendar on whatever day it is.

Next Level Decluttering Tool

If you have a particularly cluttered space or you want to take a break a room that’s in progress for decluttering, it can be super helpful to label your piles.

Yes, even piles need to labels, even if they’re just temporary piles.

This step can save you a lot of hassle and make the organizing project easier for multiple people to tackle since the labels will clearly communicate what’s what.

The easiest way to do with is with a set of our Decluttering and Sorting Cards.

Simply print and label your piles with the appropriate card to get a quick mental refresh of your piles.

No more time wasted trying to figure out what pile is what and you can definitely avoid donating the bag of trash and trashing the bag of donations!

Simply look at the sign and you’ll know exactly where you left off and you can jump right back into the organizing and decluttering project.

Two Spaces to Tackle This Spring

Now that you know about two of the very best tools to help with the overall decluttering process that’s so important to do before starting on a Spring Cleaning routine.

Let’s talk about two spaces that can especially benefit from a decluttering session: your bathroom and garage.

Bathroom Decluttering Tips Before Spring Cleaning

The bathroom is a space that you’re going into at least twice a day, often first thing in the morning and then again before you head for bed.

So how fabulous would it be to have a beautifully organized and functional space?

Really, really fabulous right?

So here’s how to approach decluttering any bathroom space, that are usually home to dozens of different products for personal care, cosmetics, first aid and cleaning.

This means there’s loads of opportunity to declutter this essential space and literally free up room to move about in the room.

First, know that products including, make up and personal care products, and not even first aid or cleaning products, last forever.

Even if they don’t have an exact expiration date printed on them, the products are most effective for a set time frame.

It’s becoming standard practice to print the timeframe in which the product should be replaced after opening.

For personal care items, it can range anywhere from 3-24 months.

woman holding hair product bottle to show expiration date on label
See the open jar symbol with the number 12? That symbol means this hair product has a 12 month shelf life after being opened for the first time.

This post has the complete run down on all the other things you should consider when decluttering the bathroom, so check it out for even more organizing tips.

Once the bathroom space has been gone through and unwanted products removed, organize what’s left in containers and add labels.

Thees printable bathroom labels are great for spotting just what you need at a glance.

Check out my recommendations for the very best containers to help organize your freshly decluttered bathroom.

Decluttering your Garage Before Spring Cleaning

Garage spaces tend to get dirty and cluttered throughout the Fall and Winter months, especially in areas with cold and yucky weather when there’s the greatest temptation to get into the warm house asap.

Spring is a fantastic time to clear out the garage and reset it before the warmer months arrive.

Take some time on a sunny day to tackle the space and bring things back into order.

Putting like with like to organize the space can be challenging in such a big space, so trying creating zones.

Maintain the order by labeling the zones and containers used to organize items in the garage space with a set of labels.

For a more detailed explanation of the decluttering and organizing process for garage spaces, be sure to check out this post.

Over to you!

And there you have some fantastic tips for making your annual Spring Clean so much easier!

And the great this is that you can really use these decluttering tips to cut down on your daily cleaning routine too.

It’s really just another great reason to declutter on the regular since you’re saving more time and getting through cleaning chores much more quickly.

Happy Spring cleaning!

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