Getting organized before an emergency

The one thing you should do now to prepare before an emergency strikes!  It's so easy and a must for all emergency preparedness!

In case of an emergency, would you be prepared?  Would you know who to call to report a gas leak?

When there’s an emergency, time really is of the essence!  And while that is a legal term of art (once an attorney, always an attorney, even if my bar registration is inactive!), it is so relevant here:  you need to be able to place a phone call to get help in as little time as possible.  There’s no time to look a number up in a phone book or on the internet – you need to call now!  Or maybe you’ve lost power and you can’t look up the information online.  Getting organized before an emergency is can help make a bad situation better.

Give yourself some peace of mind by taking a little bit of time today to get the following phone numbers programmed into your smart phone:

1.  Your doctor(s)

2.  Nearest after-hours emergency care center

3.  Poison Control Center emergency hotline – 1-800-222-1222

4.  FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) – 1-800-621-3362

5.  Local locksmith

6.  Non-emergency number for local police department

7.  Siblings

8.  Parents

9.  Alarm company (if you have this service for your home)

10.  Gas company

11.  Electric company

12.  Water company

13.  Phone company

14.  Spouse/partner’s work and cell numbers

15.  Neighbors

16.  Insurance agent or insurance companies


If you have children, having these numbers stored in your phone is a necessity:

17.  Pediatrician

18.  Any medical specialists

19.  Numbers for school


And if you have furry household members, add these phone numbers too:

20.  Vet

21.  Local animal hospital

22.  Emergency animal clinic


Hopefully, you’ll never have a need to call some of these numbers – hello, FEMA!

But maybe, just maybe you’ll need to call the Poison Control Center like I did when I was nursing my son and accidentally took too much cold medicine when I was sick. as. a. dog.  It was nice to be able to call Poison Control and find out that I could safely feed my baby.

Yep, I totally misread the label in my hazy state of mind and mistook teaspoons for tablespoons and took way too much!  Anyway…

Get yourself and all the information you'll need in an emergency all in one place so you can be prepared and not scared!

If you want to do even more to prepare for an emergency, check out my Emergency Planner and Organizer.  The printable workbook offers a place to gather information that would be needed in an emergency.  This planner adds an additional layer of preparation in case the worst happens.  You know the saying, right?  Be prepared, not scared!

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