The best gift ideas for busy women

Best Gift Ideas for Busy Women

Looking for a present for the busy woman in your life? Perhaps that woman is you and you’re in the mood to treat yourself with something new? This post has fantastic gift ideas for the busiest women that will get lots of use!

Everyone want their gifts not only to be loved by the recipient, but also used!  Some gifts are just a little more likely to be used than others.  And when items are being used, they don’t create clutter.  And that’s a beautiful thing.  Here are some gift ideas that have a 100% chance of being put to use by any busy woman in your life!  

On the Go Gifts

A busy woman can’t stop to charge her phone, so give her the power of two full device charges with this portable power pack. This external battery comes with a high speed charging feature so it can be fully charged in under 3 hours. And the slim size fits well into even small purses.

Staying organized when you’re busy is hard without systems. And tote bags are a convenient system to meet needs in a myriad of ways! Take this open tote bag from Reisenthel, for example. You can use it for storage at home, or fold down and keep in your car so it’s on hand when you run errands. This is a quality tote that will last for years. Mine certainly has!

Pouches make finding things in your purse or bag an absolute breeze! Stop wasting time just looking for stuff with these fab Scout cosmetic pouches.  They’re available in a bunch of different patterns too.

A step up from a much is a purse insert. It can help keep everything organized in the purse and make it easier to find things. No more digging in the bottom of the bag to find something that’s gone temporarily lost. A purse insert also making changing purses super easy since you can lift the filed pouch out and pop it into a different purse. Take a lot less time than individually moving things over, or worse, dumping out the purse and having to lift through the pile to make sense of everything.

Another popular purse insert is this felt style organizer, which would work well in a flat bottomed purse or tote bag.

This expandable tote bag makes the need to swap out bags obsolete! The canvas material really holds up and doesn’t scuff under normal use and the bag holds its shape well.

Car Organization Gifts

A place to stash trash while in the car saves the need to clean up later, making this car trash bin a super thoughtful gift! It’s even waterproof, to contain messes and prevent leakage.

Keep beverages on hand in the car, organized and not rolling around under seats or in the trunk with, this bottle holder.

Further organize the trunk area with this foldaway storage organizer. The different compartments provide a place for everything. And it’ll stash away nicely when not needed since it folds down compactly.

Having to fish things out that have fallen between the seats is annoying for everyone, no matter how busy you are. But it you’re in a rush, you’ve got to take the time to snag your phone so you can get on with your day. Save them from that time waster by gifting gap filling pockets!

Introduce some organization to her car by giving a set of seat back hooks. This provides a place for small bags to hang, keeping everything within easy reach.

Keep her sunnies close at hand and scratch free with this sunglass holder that clips onto sun visors.

Work Smarter

This Vera Bradley clipfolio is great for organizing information on the go! And there are multiple patterns available, too!

Eliminate notes being scattered and give her the luxury of a streamlined note taking system with a discbound notebook. If you’ve never used a disc bound notebook, then you’re in for a fantastic surprise. No more jumbled notebooks with info needed for home, work and personal life jumbled together. Taken notes on separate pages and then move them to the proper section.

Add in some note book accessories, like this pouch to make it even more useful!

It’s important to stay hydrated to get stuff done!  I dare say any woman on your gift list would love to have this gold polka dot water bottle.

Is your lady a coffee or tea fan? This Kleen Kanteen insulated travel mug will keep any beverage hot for hours. And I do mean hours!

Save her some time by eliminating the need to go out for lunch. This insulated Kate Spade lunch bag is a stylish way to eat at the office and save some money too.

Mindful Relaxation, Anywhere

These positive messages in a pill are a cute way to deliver some self care!

A deck of meditation and anxiety busting exercises on cards are a perfect portable stress buster.

Roller aromatherapy bottles are fantastic for adding a touch of relaxation in when you need it most.

This Stress-fix by Aveda is a personal favorite of mine.

Every Day Luxuries

Busy women will love to treat themselves to something special every day! Here are a a few options she’ll especially love.

Stress comes with busy-ness, so why not give her this Homedics shoulder massager? I gifted this same model to my husband and he loves not only the heat feature but also the intensity options as well!

My brother actually gave one of these head massagers to me a few years back and I was more than a little skeptical that I would enjoy it.  But let me state for the record that I was wrong.  Oh so wrong!  
This massager is the absolute best.  It helps me unwind after a long day.  You should get more than one because you’ll want one for yourself!

Shower steamers are a fantastic way to sneak in some relaxation into your day. Pop one on the shower floor, and be taken in by the wonderful scent.

At the end of a long day, wrapping up in a Comfy is the way to begin winding down from the busiest of days.

One you have the Comfy on, add an lavender eye pillow to completely envelope in relaxation.

Over to you!

Which of these gift ideas so you love the most? Admit it. You’re going to snag one or two of these ideas for yourself, right? Go ahead and enjoy!

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