How to be Happier in 9 Quick Steps

9 Quick Ways to Be Happier

Every once in a while, you might find yourself in a bit of a funk.

Maybe the world’s gotten to be too much.

Maybe you’ve decided you need to change things up and do things to make you happier.

And that’s what this blog post is all about!

Because isn’t it time we were all happier?

1. Turn off the TV

With all that is going on in the greater world these days, you probably need a break.

And chances are, you might not even realize how much you need that break.

So turn off the tv, especially if you use it for background noise.  

Let the quiet linger for a little to clear your mind.

You’ll literally have the headspace to focus on other things and can start to tackle the other eight other fantastic suggestions in this post!

2. Move it

When you get your body moving, it does all sorts of good things for your brain, and you can feel happier!

Exercise also helps to clear the brain and body.

If you’re dealing with some especially bad stuff in your life right now, start moving your body to get some mental and physical relief.

3. Organize a drawer.

You’re probably surprised that this isn’t at the top of the list since this is an organizing blog, after all.

But this list is not in any particular order, so organizing a drawer for more happiness is clocking in at Number Three!

Head to any drawer in your house and give it a quick zuzh to straighten everything for an instant happiness hit.

This tactic is particularly effective if you need a quick win, because generally you can accomplish this task in 15 minutes or less!

And when you feel accomplished like that, you’re also more likely to want to hit repeat and organize another space too!

4. Declutter

The next suggestion for how to be happier is along the same lines as the last one and is just as simple.

Pick up clutter in your home and put it away.

Having less out to deal with always makes me happier!

And if you’re going to retort with “there’s so much clutter, nothing will make a difference”, let me just say you’ve got to start somewhere!

So get going already.

And if you need a guided approach to getting your home in order, but prefer to mostly DIY it, then you need to check out the daily organizing calendar that’ll make a deep dent in your clutter and help you eliminate it entirely!

5. Laugh

Watch a funny show and laugh.

Or head to YouTube and find a funny animal video.

Laughing is a sure-fire way to reduce stress and feel better almost instantly.

6. Sign Out of Social

Sign out of all social media and take a break for the day.

Take away the “need” of keeping up with what’s happening in the world, and instead, focus on what’s going on in your life.

7. Phone a Friend

Pick up the phone and give a friend a call.

Let them know what’s been going on and maybe even plan an outing with them.

8. Do the Dishes

Start a new habit of doing the dishes before you go to bed.  

Guaranteed you’ll be your favorite person when you wake up in the morning with a clean sink!

This is one of those chores that has to be done on the regular or else it’ll take forever to work through the giant pile.

So start loading up the dishwasher and run it or wash pot and pans up at the end of dinner to save yourself a groan in the morning!

9. Cut out Sugar

And last but not least, cut refined sugar out of your diet.  

Sugar crashes make you crabby and zap your energy, leaving you with just enough energy to be a couch potato.

Once I broke sugar’s hold on me, I started realizing how unhappy life was with so much sugar in my life.

Give it a try to see if you have similar results!

Over to you!

And now you have nine different ways that you can be happier, none of which involve spending any money!

Most take very little time too, so there’s no reason to not given them a try!

What other tips do you have for being happier?

Let’s chat about them in the comments.

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