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How to Deal With Holiday Overwhelm By Getting Organized

Has it hit you that Thanksgiving is next week?  

Cause it just hit me on Sunday… and boy do I feel a lot more stressed and overwhelmed than I usually do.  

Yes, holiday overwhelm has hit.

And it’s not so much an issue that Thanksgiving is next week.  

For me, Thanksgiving is always the true kickoff for the sprint through the very busy holiday season that ends at Christmas.

And this year, we’re taking the kids on a surprise trip (shhhhh!) for a few days, so I have to get everything ready (and I mean everything!) about a week before Christmas.  

When we return, guests will be arriving along with Santa, and there won’t be time for any last minute preparations.

So here’s my get-on-track-real-fast and beat the holiday overwhelm plan for this week:

Get kids to fill out their wish lists.

This is an updated version of my most favorite Wish List. 

I love this particular Wish List because it limits kids from asking for everything under the sun.  

It makes them think about what they really would like, instead of just writing down every new Lego Minecraft set on a mile long wish list.  

Just their favorites get listed.  

Simple and easy!

I started using this list a few years ago after my oldest, 4 at the time, DID NOT get what he most wanted (because he hadn’t told us what he most wanted) and we ended up with a very sad little boy on Christmas.  

I felt like the opposite of the Mother of the Year Award Winner!  

To avoid that scenario from ever happening again, written wish lists have become a must.  

The list makes it crystal clear what they want and then it’s just getting to shopping from there.

Make a gift list

I haven’t started shopping, or even thinking about, really, the other gifts I need to purchase.  

Except for, oddly enough, the kids’ piano teacher.  

I know what I’m getting her because she made an off hand comment about not being able to find a really good something (I’m not listing that something in case she reads this!) and I took note.  

Now I just have to find that something!

By week’s end, I’d like to have my list decently filled out with a few ideas for most everyone on my list.  

I can refine that list during Thanksgiving convos (anyone else do recon over pie?) and then start ordering stuff soon after.

Look here for no-clutter gift ideas.

Finalize Thanksgiving Menu

Unlike Martha-may-she-live-forever-Stewart, I do not have this year’s Thanksgiving menu planned out.  

That’ll happen by this Thursday.  I tried to get everyone on the same page as to what kind of pie to make, but the kids weren’t having it ā€“ they ended at a stalemate at cherry, apple and/or pumpkin.

 I’m not making three pies, so the pie debate will be back on tonight!

Three To Dos to help get me on track and feeling less holiday overwhelm for this week.  

Totally achievable.

 I feel better now that I’ve listed them out!

Over to you!

Are you also feeling stressed and holiday overwhelm due to the closeness of the holidays?

Here are three holiday planning resources to help with the overwhelm:

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