Having trouble getting work done from your home office? It could be for this one reason! Learn how to tweak your space so you can be more productive!

Today let’s explore how to set up a home office so you can actually get work done!  For many, it’s not as easy at it seems, so let’s dig in and establish a plan for success for when you work at home!


Evict what’s unnecessary

Give yourself a designated space free of most distractions in your home office area.

Get rid of clutter in the area so you can focus on your current task instead of getting sidetracked with the stuff surrounding you.  This is especially true if you are easily distracted (a.k.a. shiny object syndrome!).

What counts as clutter in an office space?  Simple: Anything and everything that doesn’t help you get work done.

You can use this guideline to help banish the unnecessary or distracting items from your office space.  And if you don’t have an appropriate place in the rest of your home to store the item, then perhaps it’s time for the item to leave your home entirely!


Keep the essentials

Gather equipment: pens, paper clips, binder clips, paper notebooks, phone charger, computer equipment, etc.  Get what you need, but not so much that your space is cluttered.

Keep just a few of each within reach – the entire pack of pens doesn’t have to be stored or displayed on your desk!  Same for the first few drawers of your desk.  Do’t store extras easily in reach.  I dig into this a bit further down in this post, so read on!


Kick clutter out

Don’t allow your home office workspace to be cluttered with anyone else’s stuff.  The last thing you need is to get distracted by your partner’s magazines or childrens’ toys that have found their way into your workspace.

Declare your work area to be a clutter free zone.  Keep it clutter free by ushering out anything that doesn’t belong on a daily basis.


Protect the Prime Real Estate

The space in your immediate vicinity in your home office is the absolute most valuable space in your office.  Reserve this space for books, papers, and other resources that you use frequently.

You can save time and be more productive when you access that information quickly as opposed to having to go to another room each time.  Keep items used less frequently in spaces more difficult to access and out of your way.

Remember the top desk drawers I mentioned earlier?  These drawers may not be beach front level of prime real estate in your office, but they certainly have direct beach access.

So treat them as such and only keep the items that you use daily in these drawers.  So the extra office supplies like staples and pens definitely shouldn’t be living in these drawers. Put them in a place in your office out of swivel range (the space you can get to when you swivel in your desk chair).


In Sum

Finally, remember that it’s not necessary to establish an office room, just an area that you can claim and use to get work done.

Follow these steps and you’ll have a work space where you’ll be able to be productive and actually get work done!



Over to you!

What’s your office space like?  What are your favorite ways to keep it organized?  Share below!