How to Save the Environment and Get Organized

Happy Earth Day!  I look forward to this day every year because I am a dyed-in-the-wool tree hugger from the liberal bastion of Cleveland Heights, Ohio.  I’m always looking for ways to have a lighter footprint on the Earth!  There’s a rich connection between doing things that can help save the environment and getting organized all at the same time!  Here are 6 super simple ideas for getting organized this Earth Day:

Go Paperless!

1.  Convert your paper magazine subscriptions into digital versions.  No paper, ink, or energy resources used to print and ship the magazine to you with the digital zine.  The digital version may be more convenient too since you won’t have to deal with a stack of magazines in your home.

2.  Cancel those magazine subscriptions and borrow the magazine from your local library – the paper version or check to see if you can borrow the digital version from your library system instead.

3.  Get your name off of junk mail lists and save paper and time!  Check out my how-to post here.

4.  Consider bookmarking that yoga schedule you found online instead of printing it out.  Again – time and money saved with one less sheet of paper to handle.  Of course this suggestion is also good for other things that can be printed – menus, sports schedules and the like.

Live with less!

5.  Donate, sell, or give away items you no longer want.  Check out this post for details that are relevant beyond dealing with kid stuff.

6.  Buy only what you need (i.e. buy less!)  Its a win-win for your home, wallet, and the environment when you simply consume less.  No more spending money on things that you really don’t need, leaving more resources available for others who do need it.  Every single item in your home takes time and energy to maintain and deal with.  Give yourself more time by simply having less.


What Earth Day related tips for getting organized would you add?

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