Kitchen Cabinet Organization: The Secret You Don’t Know

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Today I’m spilling the beans on an item that can lead to a kitchen getting out of hand or staying organized.  Now this miracle product is something you probably use everyday- its something I certainly use every day: food storage containers.  And it’s not so much the specific type of container I’m recommending, but how the containers are kept and how many there are!

Food storage contains seem fairly innocuous, but in my experience, they’re like bunnies, rapidly multiplying until you’re overrun with them!  The reasons for this are many- new storage containers come into your life pretty much every week.  And it certainly seems like a really great thing to reuse something instead of tossing the containers into the recycling bin or trash.  But it is possible to have so many containers that it makes it more difficult to find what you need because your cabinets are so chock full.

And finding a matching set can be difficult too, leading to even more frustration.  I can’t tell you how many clients I have worked with that have no room in their cabinets because they are stuffed with empty margarine containers and ancients odds and ends of Tupperware.

Clients have held on to them mostly because it was convenient to do so and the containers were essentially free!  Who doesn’t like free?  Well, I hate to be a bummer, but a lot of times free doesn’t mean free, and this is a case where that applies.  It costs time to deal with the tons of extra containers and time is money.


So, what to do?

The solution to this problem is a two parter: first, get rid of any container that doesn’t have a corresponding top or bottom, or ones where the plastic is starting to degrade or blemish in anyway (could lead to you eating plastic pits- YUCK!) and second, start storing your containers in a different way: store lids right on the containers.

Don’t buy an organizing product designed to hold all of your lids.  It’s just another thing to clutter up your cabinets.  When the lids are stored right on the containers, you always have a matching set ready to grab and use.

But Christina, you say, when you store the lids on the containers they take up so much stinking room!  Yes they do, but she who dies with the most plastic containers doesn’t win.  Rather, she who gets in and out of her cabinets in the least amount of time is the winner in my eyes.  And storing the lids on the container will get you in and out of your cabinets in mere seconds.

And they look really pretty all stacked and lined up!  See?



Now, if you’re looking for a suggestion for a fabulous type of food storage container you’re in luck!  I’m a huge fan of Snaplok and Glasslock containers.  They move to the fridge from the freezer rather easily.  A small investment in sturdy containers like these can mean you’ll never have to shield your head again when you open your storage container cabinet.  For one, you’ll not want to get hit in the head with the glass container, and two, these suckers stack really well and because of their weight, they generally stay in place.

Now head on off to your kitchen and re-evaluate your food storage containers to get your kitchen cabinets in better order!

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