How to Set Up the Most Organized Kitchen

Kitchen organizing is key to making mealtime prep a breeze!

Nobody likes to spend time, let alone cook, in a cluttered kitchen.  But the hitch is that kitchens are one of the most lived in and used spaces in homes, so they are top magnets for clutter.  How to beat the clutter?  Put a few organizing systems in place and you’ll be free to whip up a delectable dish in a snap.  Here are some great systems to consider implementing in your space…

Here are 24 ideas from Real Simple.  My favorite tip offered in the article is to cut clutter by getting items off of counters by mounting a mail and calendar station on the wall.

This article from Huffington Post has a fantastic point about making sure everything is visible.  You can’t use what you can’t see!  But that doesn’t mean leaving everything out on your counters.  I like the use of the space between the fridge and cabinets.  It’s pretty clever.  The pull out isn’t too deep so everything can be seen, yet it tucks away when not in use.  No more items lost in the dark back recesses of the cabinet.

Speaking of dark recesses…

What to do with super deep spice cabinets?  I came up with this system:


By laying the spices on their sides, I’m able to see everything.


I seek out companies (like Whole Food’s house brand, 365) that print the spice name on the top of the lid and add my own label if it isn’t already printed.  Makes it easy!  There’s a lot of wasted space in this spice cabinet, you say?  I fill it up with more of my spices in another way, stacking short jars along the side walls.

Giving every item a home is another key to kitchen organization.

But what does that mean, exactly?  Look here, where a designated home for cleaning supplies under a sink was created using a plastic plate.  So simple, its genius!  No more questions about where the supplies belong!

Want to tour my kitchen?  You can!  Check out this video:

What systems do you have in your kitchen that make mealtime easy?   Also, subscribe to my newsletter for more organizing ideas and inspiration!

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