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Conquering the Chaos: The Best Way to Organize LEGO Bricks and Sets

LEGO sets bring literally endless creative possibilities, but keeping them organized can feel like a never-ending battle, especially if the sets ever come apart.

And worse yet, what if your kiddo takes every single piece pf the LEGO set apart, including the tiny minifigure hands?

Ugh, all hope is not lost!

Let’s walk through the options for strategies to tame your LEGO collection, making playtime and rebuilding a breeze.

Decide Your Building Intent

The first step is to figure out how you approach your LEGO collection. 

Do you want to focus on the building experience of individual sets, or are you all about maximizing creative freedom by having a giant pool of bricks at your disposal?

Next, consider how large your LEGO collection is.

A bigger collection means a large organizing solution is needed to keep everything orderly.

A smaller sized collection will stay organized with a less complex organizing system.

Keeping Loose Lego Sets Intact

The first storage option for Lego set organization is to keep sets of loose bricks separated by set.

This is ideal if you want to keep the building experience for future builders or collectors or don’t have space to keep the sets fully built. 

Umriox Zipper Pouch, 16.9x12.4 in (12 Colors, 12 Packs), Extra Large Zipper Bags, Waterproof Zipper Pouches for Office Supplies, Puzzles, Board Game Storage & Cross Stitch Projects

Here, clear containers, perhaps with labeled mesh pouches, are your best friends. 

Ziploc bags labelled with pictures from the box (great for pre-readers) keep sets separate and prevent mixing.

Hefty Slider Jumbo Storage Bags, 2.5 Gallon Size, 12 Count

These 2.5 gallon zip top bags will hold medium sized sets of bricks that won’t get played with super often.

Label them clearly with pictures cut from the original box (perfect for younger builders who can’t read yet) to easily identify each set’s contents. 

Or keep the bag tucked safely inside the original box.

If you want to ditch the box, you can tuck the bags inside storage drawers to keep everything organized and dust-free.

This approach is ideal for collectors or those who want to revisit the joy of building specific sets in the future. 

Honey-Can-Do Rolling Storage Cart and Organizer with 12 Plastic Drawers

This rolling cart is flexible enough to store loose bricks, accessories, and minifigures as well as completed sets in the deeper drawers.

Organizing Smaller LEGO Collections


Lego itself offers storage solutions like these zippered storage pouches.

LEGO Storage 4 -Piece Tote and Play Mat

And this LEGO tote holds a ton of bricks in individual zippered pouches, perfect for infrequent builders.


A bucket pouch is good for a small collection of bricks and the handle makes it easy to carry from room to room.

Room Copenhagen, Lego Storage Heads Stackable Storage Container - Buildable Organizational Bins for Kid’s Toys and Accessories - 6.30 x 6.30 x 7.28in - Small, Silly, Holds 250 Bricks

A minifig head storage container is a great way to incorporate LEGO into any room’s decor and store a brick collection at the same time.

Plastic Storage Organizer for Lego Box Kids Child Toy Stackable Containers with Lids Bins 3 Layers Adjustable Compartments Building Blocks Chest Case

This tiered and divided compartment organizer features a building platform and is best for a few small sets or a brick collection of random pieces and parts geared for complete free building.

SAM AND MABEL Toy Storage Basket and Play Mat - 13"x13"x13" Stackable and Foldable Cube Toy Organizers and Storage Bins for Boys and Girls (Warm Grayish Beige)

This zippered storage bin has an integrated playmate, making it a fantastic storage solution for Duplo bricks for younger builders.

Building Block Bonanza

If free-building is your passion, consider dismantling sets and sorting by type or color. 

This method unlocks endless creative possibilities as you mix and match pieces to bring your own creations to life.

By Part Type

This is a more advanced approach ideal for serious builders who know their 1×2 bricks from their Technic beams.

You can categorize by standard bricks, plates, slopes, specialized pieces, and even minifigure accessories. 

Akro-Mils 10144, 44 Drawer Plastic Parts Storage Hardware and Craft Cabinet, 20-Inch W x 6.37-Inch D x 15.81-Inch H, Black

Smaller collections of small LEGO pieces will work in a drawer organizer such as this drawer unit.

Stacking drawer units, especially when drawer organizers are added, work well here.

Invest in stackable containers or sturdy bins to store the boxed sets. Open shelving or labeled drawers work well for easy access. Allocate a container for each set, with the instruction booklet stored inside.

This method is great for larger collections that get played with frequently.

Minifigure Organization

Keeping all the small minifig pieces can be a huge challenge.

My son likes to create custom mini figure creations based on characters from tv and movies.

He keeps all parts of the mini figures separate so he can quickly create a new little figure. And by all, I mean all.

This makes for hundreds of tiny pieces to keep sorted and safe.

The storage solution we came up with that has worked the best has been these stackable IRIS small drawer units.

IRIS USA Small 3-Drawer Desktop Organizer, 4 Pack, Stackable, for Office, School, Stationary, Makeup Organizer, Bathroom, Utility, Medical Supplies, Desk Organizer, Versatile Storage, White

They come three drawers to a set, but you can pop off the top and stack another on top.

When it came time to transport these to college (yes, the LEGO obsession runs deep), we used washi tape to secure the drawers from opening during the trip.

By Color

A classic choice for easy identification during building a favorite method for moms, but not ideal at all for the heavy LEGO enthusiasts (per my LEGO obsessed kids). 

Clear containers with divided compartments are perfect for this method.

IRIS USA Craft Plastic Organizers and Storage, Rolling Storage Cart for Classroom Supplies, Storage Organizer for Art Supplies, Drawer Top Organizer for Small Parts, 7 Drawers, Black/Pearl

A rolling storage drawer unit is a great option for storing a bunch of loose bricks.

IRIS USA Fits 12" x 12" Paper, 6-Tier ScrapbookRolling Storage Cart with Organizer Top for Papers Vinyl Tools Office Art and Craft Supplies, Yarn, Black Frame with 6 Clear Cases w/ Built in Handle

This rolling cart features removable latching bins.

Combine similar colors to avoid needing to have 20 different drawers for each color.

For example, group the red and pink pieces together, and gather all shared of brown together in another drawer.

Reserve one drawer for minifigs and another for accessories.

Rainbow enthusiasts can rejoice in the visually stunning sorted collection they create.

This method is best for smaller brick collections or for younger LEGO builders.

Lego Organizing Solutions for Younger Builders

The younger the child, the less involved the organizing system for their LEGO system needs to be.

Here are some great streamlined brick organizing systems that make play easy!

A LEGO table with built in storage? Sounds like a dream and means contained play, at least the hope for it.

Here are three options that suit a variety of brick lovers’ needs.

KidKraft Reversible Wooden Activity Table with Board with 195 Building Bricks – Gray & Natural, Gift for Ages 3+

This LEGO table has a surface prepped for brick play and one large drawer on each side.

Drawer Divider, 4 PCS Bamboo Drawer Dividers Organizers, Adjustable Drawer Dividers for Clothes, Kitchen Drawer Divider, Dresser Drawer Divider, Drawer Separators, 17"-22" Expandable Drawer Divider

Use small containers or drawer dividers to keep the drawers organized if the drawers become unwieldy.
Costzon Kids Table, Children Wooden Activity Table w/Storage Drawers, 2 in 1 Building Block Tabletop for Arts, Crafts, Reading, Preschool, Nursery, Kindergarten, Toddler Table (White)

Here’s a different style of LEGO play table, best for builders who like to stand versus sit and features deep storage containers under the tabletop.

Milliard Kids 3-in-1 Play Table and Chair Set Wood with Storage Baskets, Compatible with Lego and Duplo Bricks, Activity Table Playset Furniture with Modern Gray Colors

And this LEGO table set packs a ton of storage into every available area, including underneath the seats of the chairs.

Don’t Forget the Instructions

Store manuals in binders or protective sleeves for easy access. 

You can also utilize the fantastic LEGO Building Instructions App for digital versions if the instruction booklets get torn or become unreadable.

For small LEGO collections, store manuals individually in page protectors, in 3 ring binders for easy reference when rebuilding sets.

IRIS USA File Box File Organizer Plastic File Box for Letter/Legal File, BPA-Free Plastic Storage Bin Tote Organizer with Durable and Secure Latching Lid, Stackable and Nestable, Clear 35 Qt. 4Pack

For larger LEGO set collections, corral all of the instruction booklets in file boxes.

Sort by set type (City, Star Wars, Marvel, etc.) in hanging folders and then arrange in the file box alphabetically.

If the file folders are more than an inch thick when all of the instruction booklets are inside, then that’s your indication to sub-divide the category.

Let’s take the City category as an example- put buildings into one folder and vehicles in another.

Divide as necessary until the file folders are small enough to handle easily.

Embrace the Label

Labeling bins and containers clearly is key, especially for shared spaces.

Brother P-Touch PT-D210 Label Maker Value Bundle Includes 4 Label Tapes, Easy-to-Use, Home and Office Organization, White

Clearly label containers and bags for effortless identification, especially for shared play areas.

Here you can really match your nerdiness about labeling and sorting to the equal your LEGO enthusiasm.

True LEGO fanatics will appreciate carving out the time to label pieces to speed building and creating later!

Use pictures alongside text for a visual aid, or consider color-coding your labels to match the type of pieces stored within.

The visual cues will make finding just the piece needed super easy.

Location, Location, Location

Consider where LEGO building happens most frequently in your home. 

Taking this into account might just change the storage container you ultimately decide to go with, so make this determination earlier, rather than later.

Aim to store your collection near the play area for easy access and to encourage creativity. 

For younger builders, this reduces the temptation to dump the entire collection on the floor in another location and reduces the likelihood that you’ll inadvertently step on any bricks.

Over to you

The best LEOGO organization method is the one that works for you

Whether you’re a set-loving collector or a free-building fanatic, there’s a perfect approach waiting to be discovered. 

So grab your favorite bricks, embrace your inner builder, and get organizing! 

With a little effort, your LEGO collection will be ready to spark building adventures for years to come.

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