My organizing expertise has been recognized in local and national media:

  • In this piece, I offered tips and strategies for getting organized in the New Year in a NBC WKYC Morning Show story.  Boo!  They archived this video and it is no longer available.
  • I don’t have the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval just yet, but I was one of 10 Professional Organizers featured in a Good Housekeeping article.
  • I offered tips on combating lateness in this Fast Company article.
  • I was talking tips about uncluttered decorating in this post.
  • Tips about holiday decoration storage is a hot topic!  I weighed in with some advice in this article.
  • Staying organized and having a positive attitude are related!  See some of my thoughts in the City Calm post.
  • Sharing tips on how to get rid of stuff was the name of the game in this The Fill post.
  • Grow Your Business Cleveland featured me in a video where I shared 5 Ways to Get More Done While Working Less
  • I’ve also been interviewed in a few podcasts:




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