Organization Habits You Just Gotta Have

Do you want a change in your life, but you feel like a hamster on the wheel, just running away on the wheel?  

Get off that wheel and start doing something different to change your habits.  

Your organizing habits, namely!

Has clutter got you down?

Then make a change.  

Even a small one will impact your life in a positive way.  

Take a look at your habits and choices you’ve been making and think about how they are affecting your goals to be more organized.

For example, paper clutter problems are the cause of many of my clients’ call for help.

They’re just suffocating under a pile of unread mail and don’t know where to begin.  

Often, they’re just tossing it in a pile every day. Their strategy for dealing with the pile is waiting for the day when they “have time.”

The problem with that strategy is that the time needed to deal with the pile of papers never comes.  

Something more important always takes the extra time meant to be spent on dealing with the mail pile.  

Or the job seems like too much to tackle when it comes time to deal with the pile. And that’s ok, but you have to name it and claim here, lady!


How to change

If this mail situation rings true for you, here’s a plan for you to implement right now.  

Today, instead of doing what you always have, take five minutes to go through not only today’s mail, but also start to tackle the built up pile.  Just spend a few minutes and see how much you can get done.

Then tomorrow, do the same thing – 5 more minutes to deal with the mail of the day and dive back into the accumulated pile.  

Slowly, you’ll start to whittle down the big pile, but also you’re establishing a new habit and are preventing the pile from growing.

You can apply this strategy to any aspect in your home that you’d like to improve.  

Replace your old habits with new organization habits that will help move you closer to your goals.

What’s in your way?

What sort of clutter is holding you back?  


Items you inherited?  

Items with bad memories associated with them (I like to call these items with bad juju).  

A room you always make sure to steer guests away when they visit because its so clutter-filled?

All of these issues can be solved with the 5 minute habit maker.  

But they won’t go away over night.  

You gotta be real with yourself about that right now.

But if you consider what you’re doing now to address the issue (nothing) and then start taking action, albeit baby steps towards making a change, you’re still making a change in a positive direction.  
So yay, you!

Not only will you be moving in a good direction, but you’ll also be happier with yourself.  

You’ll be making a decision to change and then actually doing it!

Now, if you’re finding that the 5 minutes isn’t cutting it, or even making it through the 5 minutes is a challenge, then it’s time we talk about how we can work together to make it happen for you.


Over to you!

What good organization habits do you have that help you stay organized?  Let’s chat below.


DIY Solution for Getting Organized

Looking to get organized with a small dairy step?

Look no further than the 365 Days to an Organized You calendar!

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And you won’t be overwhelmed with too much to do or paralyzed by figuring out your first steps.

This calendar takes the work out of figuring out what and gives a daily action to take.

Get your copy today and see what a difference it makes in your life right from the start!

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