How to Organize Your Dishwasher

How to organize your dishwasher so you can spend less time in the kitchen!


Time for a super exciting lesson on how to organize your dishwasher… so you can do other things that are slightly less boring!  I find that when a certain person in my household (*my husband*), loads the dishwasher, it takes much more time to unload the dishes.  And because I have many other things I’d rather do than unload the dishwasher, I thought you might like to know how to best organize your dishwasher so you can unload it in no time- and move on to the next thing on your to-do list!


And since it would be gross to show you how to do it with dirty dishes, I’ll show you how to organize your dishwasher with my freshly washed dishes instead!  When you’re loading your dishwasher in an organized way, your setting yourself up for fast unload times.  And cleaner dishes too.


Loading your dishwasher should be done in the same manner as you would organize just about anything else – put like with like.

See how all of the plastic plates and storage container lids are all in the same area?  Everything will get the cleanest if the flat items are vertical, so these items should be grouped together.

Bonus reason for putting them together: It is easier to grab all of the plastic plates out at once and put them away in one action rather than having to pick each plate out one at a time.


Arrange glasses in between plastic cups (if you have them) to decrease the risk of glasses and mugs chipping.  If you hear clinking during the dishwasher’s cycle, you’ve loaded the dishwasher wrong and something might break or get damaged!


Utensils should be loaded like with like – but only if your dishwasher doesn’t have the big baskets where the utensils will bunch together and not get clean.


If you have a utensil rack like this one, group similar utensils together because you can quickly grab all of the forks and put them away all at once.  Repeat with the knives. And repeat with the spoons.



Lower rack dish organization follows the same rules as just about everything else.  Put like with like and all vertical items like plates together.

Find where the bottom water jets are and try to arrange items so they don’t block the jets.  Otherwise, your load won’t get fully clean.  My main bottom water jet is on the left, so you can see how I’ve oriented everything to make sure the items get cleaned.  It wouldn’t make sense to load the dishwasher this way if the jet was on the right because the backs of the dishes would be cleaned more so than the fronts.

I almost always load big dishes in the back and smaller ones in the front so that it’s easier to see where the open spaces are.  Using an established pattern helps to know where everything should go to make sure I fit in the most dishes in one load as possible.


Once you start loading your dishwasher in an organized manner, you’ll be able to unload it in just a few minutes!

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