10 Stylish Ways to Organize Toys

Are the toys in your home a hot mess?  

Figuring out how to organize toys is a top priority for many parents who are tired of stepping on toys.

Or seeing all the mess!

One solution is to get a bunch of bins and chuck the toys in them, but that wouldn’t look very nice, would it?  

I’m always looking for more style-elevated ways to store my kids’ toys and I can’t be alone!  

Here are 10 ideas for ways to add a bit of style and a whole lotta function to your space. Plus all of the toys will be organized too!

Organizing Toys with a Bin

You may notice that each of these options are open topped…

There’s a good reason for this: kids can’t (or won’t!) do lids.  

Lids baffle kids.

Kids are much more likely to keep toys picked up and in the right space without a lid. And the likelihood goes up even more if the bins are labeled!

So now that’s clear, let’s get on with the pretty options!

This canvas print tote is pretty great, don’t you think?  

After the kids are done with storing toys in it, use it to store magazines, blankets or craft projects.  

It’s collapsible so it can be stowed away when not in use, but it’s too great not to be out.  It’s also available in other colors too if navy’s not your thing.  But have you heard that navy is the new black?

I own a set of these rattan baskets and they work wonderfully on the bookcase in my craft room.  

They have straight sides which means that they hold a lot without taking up too much room!  

I especially like that you can easily tie on a label to make it super clear what’s inside!

Not all storage options to organize toys need to specifically be labeled for use as a toy organizer!  

This tall bin is called a clothes hamper, but it would work wonderfully in a playroom to contain bulkier toys.

For smaller items, I love these cute canvas bins!  

And they’re such a steal for under $4 each!  

Matchbox cars would be perfect for this bin!

The handles make it easy for little handles to grasp and carry around.  

The cute print means that you won’t mind looking at it either!

Simple can also be stylish!  

This simple canvas bin also is fabulous because it comes pre-labeled.  

So often my kids take their toys from room to room.

The handles on both sides make it easy to carry without spilling the contents.

Organize Toys with Furniture

For less portable storage, this wooden cubby fits the bill!  

The open bins and roomy shelves in this cubby allow for lots of different toy storage possibilities.

Keep toys totally out of sight with a colorful storage ottoman that can double as extra seating.  

Perfect for areas where you don’t want toys to be seen!  

Although this ottoman has a lid, I’ve included it on the list because  the aim is to store and hide the toys.  

And that it does really well!

Flexible Options for Organizing Toys

Introduce some style and organized function to the back of a door with this hanging organizer.  

I would use the top bins for toys you want the kids to have less access to… I dunno, maybe the noisy ones?

Just sayin’!  

And use the bins at the bottom for favorite toys since they’ll be super accessible.

If you want your kids to pick up their toys, you’ll be best served with containers that don’t have lids.  

But a second best option is to have clear containers so that the contents can be clearly seen!  

These bins are great because unlike so many other plastic storage bins, they have straight walls.

This means much more can be stored inside.  

And see how close they can stack up next to each other with very little wasted space in between?  

This is the secret to maximizing space!

The Secret to Long-Lived Toy Organization

And once you’ve contained the toys, label the containers to ensure the right toys go back into the right container!

I’ve designed a super cute set of labels with both the word and a picture of the toy.

This makes them perfect for readers and pre-readers to organize toys!    

Laminate them, make them into hanging tags, or cut out and use adhesive back label holders to attach them to containers for a super polished look!

Over to you!

And there you have my picks for 10 stylish toy organization solutions!  Which one is your favorite?

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