How to Stay Organized on a Trip

how to stay organized on a trip

Summer is here and is in full swing!  It’s time for relaxation and fun and chilled out schedules!

Due to a trip for 3/4s of the family next week (I’m going to my sorority’s convention and the kids are flying with me and are being met by their grandparents at the airport.  Husband gets to stay home with the pets!), we’re not taking a big vacation this year.  We’re planning some short road trips later this Summer.

No matter the length of the trip, one thing remains the same- you’ll want to stay organized in order to have the best time.  Here are some of the tools I’ve used to keep our outings organized in the past and are really my go-to strategies for travels both long and short:

Plan.  No seriously.

Get the details of your trip all planned out days or weeks in advance.  Don’t just wing it.  You won’t have as much fun and you could hit some snags that would’ve otherwise been avoided if you’d just planned everything out.   I have a fabulous organizing kit designed to help you keep track of all the little details that make trips so fabulous.  It’s available to all members of the Organizing Oasis.


Having everything written down will ensure you always have access to the info in case you get stuck somewhere without an internet connection. I know that’s so 1995, but it has happened to me a few times not so long ago!



Figure out the details… like pit stops

How many times have you wondered what’s a good stopping point on the trip to break up the long ride?  Wonder no more, my friend.  Head on over to and get the details for yourself.  There’s a variety of venue types to choose from.  I’ve even used it for meeting up with people locally for biz chats.  It makes it super simple to figure out a pit stop location!



The Hideks at Disney!

Keep the monsters at bay

Keeping travelers well fed and hydrated makes the trip oh so much more enjoyable and keeps the masters from appearing!  I like to eliminate stops whenever possible, so I pack drinks and snacks.

Juice boxes will re-wet the whistles of adult travelers as well and I tend to keep the juice boxes stored in the box they came in.  The boxes are compact, keep the juice boxes all together and are easy to pack around.  I also like to buy a few new snacks in addition to the tried and true yummies to add a little variety and surprise, much to the delight of my kiddos.

Even when we went to Disney this past December, I brought snacks into the park.  All of the walking (I hit 38k one day-no joke!) wears everyone out and having the snacks on hand helped to keep everyone happier.


Pack accordingly

Don’t bring more than you need.  As a mom on a trip, I get a little stressed about being able to find things when I need them.  Traveling means you’re going to be off schedule, and I am a woman who likes schedules!  To make life easier on this front, I pack what we need and not much more.  This means I’m planning out the day (on paper to get a full view of what the day will look like) and making note of exactly what I need to pack.  Nothing wastes time faster than digging through a bunch of stuff I don’t need because I brought more than was necessary.


So there you have it!  A few quick tips to stay organized while on vacation or a trip!  Have fun with whatever you do this Summer and think of me when you use these strategies!

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