Organized Video Games with Decorative Storage

How to organize ugly video game clutter to seamless incorporate kid junk into your beautiful home decor!


I love my children!  But their stuff – not so much.

And one thing that we seem to have a lot of is video game cases.  But that’s because I’m a gamer nerd (I love me some Legend of Zelda and Boom Blox).  And we now have not one gaming system, but two!

And we have games.  What I consider to be lots of them.  And this is a problem because video game cases can get messy if not contained.  And you know that I’m not a fan of messiness.  I get pretty grumpy.  No joke.

Now containing the cases isn’t that hard, but I wanted a solution that would also hide and organize the cases.  Visual clutter drives me pretty batty, so I always aim to minimize it whenever possible.

I also dislike paying for storage containers for things like this because they’re usually plastic and not very attractive.  Plus my kids do stupid things with them – like stand on them. Then the boxes break and I get really, really grumpy.

Instead of purchasing a container, I opted to create a custom video game organizer solution and I gotta tell you, I absolutely LOVE it!  I actually made this video game organizer container a while ago, but it is simply too awesome to not share with you now.

Here’s why:

  1. The games fit exactly in it!  The shoe box was just a little bit bigger than the game cases, so the cases can easily slide in and out.
  2. A ton of cases can fit into the box.
  3. I didn’t pay anything to make it!  True story, as I am a Martha Stewart wannabe, so Modge Podge is my middle name.  I’m never without a bottle of that stuff.  I love it so much.  Super useful product!
  4. The box matches my decor.  Perfectly.
  5. It fits on my tv stand perfectly.  I didn’t even measure.  That was sheer luck.
  6. The video game organizer has held up infinitely longer than I expected it to.  And it still looks like new. Ok, maybe the lid is a little dusty, but that’s due to my hatred of dusting.
  7. Anyone can replicate the steps to do exactly what I did.  Wanna see how?  Click the link below!


I show exactly how to make this custom video game organization and storage solution in a video.  Check it out here!


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