Organizing Collections: Keeping them in Check

The best way to organize your collections!  How to deal with and organize your most precious belongings

Collections can be so fun to have and obtain, especially when the pieces are a bit rare.  Thank goodness for eBay, right?  But what happens when your collection is doing nothing more than collecting dust, or is something you’ve moved past and are no longer interested in owning?  Here are some tips for what you can do with the collection, whether you’ve inherited it or worked so hard to get it!

Keeping your Collections

Rotate to keep your collection fresh and exciting!  Display some, and store the rest away.  Swap what’s displayed periodically.  Having too much out at any time can be visual clutter.

I was once in a room where the entire 20 x 9 foot wall was covered with clocks.  It was so distracting and overwhelming to look at.  Fewer clocks would have been more fun to look at.  I would’ve actually seen the clocks, and been able to admire them, instead of feeling like I was suffocating from all of the clutter!

Remember that just because you’ve collected it, doesn’t mean that you actually have to keep everything.

Years ago, I collected porcelain quilt tiles.  I really loved them in the moment.  I had fun collecting them, but they really don’t fit my decorating style anymore.  The time has come to let go of them!  I will admit, I have an easier time than a lot of people when it comes to letting go of things.  But I know that for me, memories are not tied to physical objects.  I also deeply value being uncluttered.


What to do if it’s time to let go of your collection?

Trade up! Sell your collection and start anew.

A lot of the time it’s the thrill of the hunt!  Trying to track down every last figure in the series or card of the series can be fun and a nice challenge.  But you can always sell that collection and start all over again to make obtaining a complete collection of something an entirely new a goal.

Another option: You can donate your collection to museum or local institution that would enjoy it, or have a use for it.  How great would it be to have your collection on display in a museum for all to see?  Pretty cool, eh?

Make sure to check the value of the collection before deciding to keep or part with it.  It may be worth more than you think, but it also could be worth much less.  Either way, maybe it’s time to part with it now.

For lower value collections, maybe it is not worth the space the collection is taking up in your home.  For a more valuable collection, selling it could mean that you have extra money to do something fun with.  But also remember that when parting with your collection, you don’t have to give all of it away.  You can keep your favorites and part with lesser loved pieces.

My suggestion for getting rid of the portions of your collections you’re ready to let go of?  Don’t have a garage sale, for sure!  You’ll get more for your items when buyers who really want the item have the chance.  This fabulous guide gives you all the nitty gritty on exactly how to do that and more!

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